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In my mind, there are only two things for us to do:


. . . and . . .


That’s it. But how do we get paid for “being” and “loving?” Don’t we need to work? Don’t we need to do things?

Being and Loving have nothing to do with exertion, effort, or doing.

“With the power of your being and your ability to love, you move mountains, start revolutions, and become fueled by your mission.”

Of course, some people achieve a version of those things with hustling, doing, fighting, and clawing. And to be honest, sometimes we still need to do those things.

This isn’t about the absence of anger, effort, sweat, tears, or blood. This is about a shift. A tip of the balance from striving to being. As you shift, things feel more effortless. You become the river and get into the flow of your being–your who.

And it becomes a game. How much time will you spend today experiencing Being and Loving? Two minutes? 30 seconds? 14 hours? How much does it take before you feel “successful” in making the shift?

There’s no right or wrong answer. It doesn’t matter. It’s not important.

What’s important is that you play the instrument you’ve been given. And because you exist and because you experience, there’s a power of beingness and lovingness (or loving kindness) within you. Your unique version of this power is contained in the human instrument known as you.

There’s a song inside your soul.

There’s music with words, melodies, chords, and drums playing within. But when we deny this music; when we don’t sit on the couch and be with the music within ourselves, we don’t hear it . . . and that’s a shame. Imagine a beautiful cave filled with brilliant, sparkling gems that never reflect light, are never explored, shared, or experienced.

Or, if we go back to the music metaphor, it’s like a symphony with the finest musicians in the world playing in an abandoned bunker without anyone hearing it–ever.

You have a power within you. And when you be with that power and you love that power, it’ll come naturally to you to share that power. Perhaps it’ll inspire others towards positive change.

Maybe it’ll make you a millionaire. Or maybe it won’t make you a dime; yet, the experience will be so moving to you that a comforting feeling of rightness fills every cell in your body.

Are you willing to make the shift?

How committed are you to experiencing who you are, allowing yourself to be–and then loving every millisecond of that experience?

What would change if you spent 13 seconds in that state today (and every day going forward)?

How would you be if 99% of your conscious hours were filled with your loving being?

What would be different? What would be the same?

I struggle with this. Often, every day. My ego dwells on, so-called, “disappointments.” I’ll literally hold my face in my hands and wonder: why does this moment feel so difficult–so hard? I wonder who the heck I am, and what music within my soul has yet to be heard (by me, let alone, sharing it with others)?

But that doesn’t stop me–and this is the important part–from centering, getting back to my essence, my being, and reconnecting with love or loving kindness.

And I see the struggle as another form of being. It’s not good or bad, it just is. So then, as I experience difficult moments, I simply remember that I exist and that I experience (the two Truths that Bruce D Schneider talks about). I love these moments, and then I get back to being. Being myself, being the power within, being one with the music, message, and mission in my soul. And being one with the experience of sharing all of that with others.

Which is precisely why I’m writing this, and I’m so remarkably grateful that you’re here, right now, reading this. I’m sharing the music in my soul right now. And it doesn’t matter if one person reads this or if a million people do. Sharing who you are’s one of the greatest gifts that you share. Not only does it allow your being–your core energy–to flow through you, but it reminds the rest of us that we too have power, energy, beingness, and loving kindness within.

Now, I usually end with my reflection on Crossing the TEAs (thoughts, emotions, and actions) behind my words, but I wrote something different today. This work has a spectrum of high and low energy throughout.

It simply is, and I want it to simply be.

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