Amanda O’Brien is the director of business development at flyte new media, organizer of Social Media Breakfast Maine and co-founder of eighteen twenty wines. She is a work in progress, proud mom, and dog lover. She loves working with businesses and individuals to help them grow and connect them with resources to reach their goals.

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Amanda wasn’t very confident in her twenties, as she desperately tried to find her career path. Internet marketing, and making Myspace pages for others interested seemed to really be her thing, but Amanda was discouraged as she knew she needed to find a “real job.” At Amanda’s “real job,” she was miserable and realized that the number on her paycheck didn’t really mean as much as she thought.

During her start in internet marketing, Amanda witnessed people getting taken advantage of. She felt it was her personal responsibility to help everyone. After a marketing event in Boston, Amanda realized she could help more people if she could do something like that in Portland.

Amanda just legitimately wants to see others succeed.

Amanda and her friend, Pete, are making wine out of rhubarb.

Amanda struggles with time management. As a single mom, who wants to succeed at work and home life, Amanda feels she needs to be better at managing her own time but also doing things one at a time.

Amanda always tries to put herself in a better place before she makes a big decision, or finds herself in a situation that is not going how she wants it.  Amanda follows the 24-hour rule, goes for a run, and spends time evaluating how she can make the best decision.

Amanda wishes she was more confident earlier in life. Always be learning; always be moving forward. It will work out.

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed in the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do.”



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