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As a parent, there have been many moments over the years that justify the meaning of what makes you proud of your children.

I recall one remarkable time as my 10-year-old daughter did something absolutely incredible! It was the holiday season and she’d been chosen for the part of Clara in The Nutcracker.

My heart was in my throat that evening as I did everything I could to hold it together while waiting in the audience for the performance to begin.

Caitlin was suffering from the worst case of the flu. She’d lost a substantial amount of weight in a short period of time because she was unable to hold food down.

Several days earlier the Artistic Director had asked her if she was going to be able to perform. There was an understudy who could cover for her, but Caitlin wouldn’t entertain this option–not for even one second!

The curtains opened and there she was, dancing like an angel. It was like God was holding her up, giving her the strength and grace she needed to get through this performance.

The skin of her face was pale and her cheeks were hollow. Not a soul in the room knew how sick she really was because she held her head so proudly, refusing to show any weakness. She performed with such elegance as if nothing could stop her.

Uncontrollable tears suddenly started rolling down my own face as I carefully followed every movement she made. Time stood still for me at that moment. The pride I felt will forever be engraved in my mind.

Caitlin showed people that day that she not only possessed the gift of courage, but she also persevered, knowing a true performer lives in the words that, “the show must go on.”

As she bravely faced her audience it was astonishing how she gave it her all.

Despite her young age, she showed the maturity of an adult in one of the foulest moments of her early life.

Writing a story while encouraging the underdog to persevere and achieve whatever they confront can give you chills.

And then when you realize the underdog’s gaining ground and defeating the struggle that’s hung over them, you silently begin to mindfully cheer them on, showing deep favoritism to their success.

Experiencing the journey and relating to the pain another person feels and then seeing them rise above it, is a joyful moment.

The trek you take to write a story that makes that extraordinary impact begins when you’re willing to write from your heart.

Show your vulnerability and let your feelings come through the surface of your writing, rather than just sitting on the surface, gently percolating. When you let your vulnerability grow in your writing, you’ll impact people’s lives and you’ll make a difference in how you touch them.

Writing from the heart takes practice and patience. Find whatever it may be to encourage your own vulnerability.

If you have special music you enjoy listening to while you create, turn it on. If you enjoy the burning of a scented candle, light one, and then put yourself freely, without reservation before your writing implements of choice and let your creativity fly!

Here’s your invitation: getting in touch with your feelings involves connecting with your heart. Choose a memory and expand on it this week.

Leave your judgment of what you’re writing far behind you and let your feelings warm your own heart!

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Photo Credit: John Jennings,