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Have you noticed that when you turn on the internet or your television set, you often see the world overflowing with negativity? Television hosts and news anchors are much more outspoken and opinionated than they were years ago.

There’s always some logical reason for these negative actions you’re supposed to accept.

These frustrating and often sad media moments are a reminder that there are people headed in a direction where caring and kindness is fading away.

How do you handle seeing and hearing such undesirable behavior? Do the negative actions and words that are spoken by these people affect you and your writing?

Wayne Dyer said,

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

Although you can’t live in a bubble and constantly save yourself from the potential anguish negative energy offers, you can take control of how you respond.

When you prepare to write, you don’t have to be negative.

Try these suggestions to write more confidently with a positive edge.

Less is more

Write and get to the point. Going on and on about something and never truly saying exactly what you mean is like riding a merry-go-round that never stops moving.

Instead of dragging out your writing, be concise and get to the point as quickly as possible.

Approach what you write with a Positive Attitude

A daily meditation practice relaxes your mind, clearing out the cobwebs. This practice will also help you discover there’s plenty to be grateful for and far less to complain about as you face the world and those days that are difficult.

Meditation establishes a writing flow that creates space for the natural flow of emotions–both positive and negative–that move through you, rather than holding you captive.

Write in a journal the names of people you’re thankful for, and why each person makes a difference in your life. Or, better yet, make a list of all the things that make your life better. This action’s helpful to start your writing process in a positive manner.

Counting your blessings develops a mindset that’ll deliver more promising outcomes in your life.

Start creating a reality you want

It’s a New Year! Believe with all your heart that this is the year of positive change for you. Your writing can transform the lives of others in amazing ways!

You have the power to write a positive message. You can make a difference for yourself and for others.

When you’re inspired, you have wings to fly and nothing can stop you. Hold onto this good feeling and watch your writing soar.

Be intentional with every thought, word, and action you take.

Your intention shapes your reality! Write with vulnerability and authenticity.

Activate one positive belief in yourself at a time and try one of the suggestions presented here today to get your writing and the New Year off to a favorable start.

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Photo Credit: Miguel Bruna,