Marni speaks with an expert in love and worthiness, former Miss USA, Terri Britt. Terri is a spiritual coach who works with women to increase their worthiness quotient. She is an award-winning author of the book, The Enlightened Mom and offers Dating Den listeners a free ebook. 


Key takeaways from this episode: 

  • Why women feel not good enough
  • Raise emotional vibrations to feel worthy of love
  • Attract a loving and supportive partner
  • Unblock your passion

Getting Off the Hamster Wheel [3:01]

As children, we closely observe our parents, and we mimic them. Most parents unknowingly use statements that make children feel not enough. Statements such as, in order to get that you must do this. Children then subconsciously take on the belief they are not enough.  We grow up believing we have to prove our worth. 

Terri shares her journey through relationships and love. She dated Wayne Newton at the height of his career and gave him power over her because she was grasping for love. After her personal transformation, when she finally took a stand for loving herself and clearing out old energy, she saw all the reasons he was bad for her.

Marni makes the point that when we start to do the inside work, all of our exes seem to come back into our lives. It’s a kind of litmus test where we have to make better choices for ourselves. The unhealthy dynamic is gone and we can see how much we have developed personally. 

Our spirits are here to go on a journey. People come into our lives to show us things we need to learn. 


Raising Vibrations & Worthiness [21:04]

Terri says our thoughts emit vibrations. Whatever vibrations we hold are what the universe sends us in return.  It is what we attract. Terri wanted passion in her life so she kept holding the vision, even though she didn’t know how it would manifest. 

If we want to feel worthy, we have to love and nurture ourselves. We have to get rid of the belief that something is wrong with us. 

Terri says women tend to grasp at trying to find a person to be in our lives. They put up a facade because we do not feel enough. But, she adds, we are missing the boat because we are energetically sending out that who we are is not enough. We send mixed vibrations out into the world. If we perform, believing we need to act a certain way to be worthy of love, we attract things that are not loving, supportive, nurturing, or beautiful. 

When you stop performing, you take back the authority of your life and you become a woman leader. 


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