In this lively episode, Marni and Chris discuss all the juicy Bachelor Nation drama. They question the motives of the men chosen to be on the show and spotlight Colton Underwood and Matt James’ escapades. Will this season go down in the history books as the most dramatic season ever? Probably, but there is always the next Bachelor in Paradise to look forward to.


Key takeaways from this episode: 

  • How to avoid staying too long in a bad relationship
  • Should people be forgiven for the actions they take while heartbroken?
  • How to discern if a guy only looks good on paper
  • Will Bachelor in Paradise have any contestants?


Colton Underwood, Mr. Perfect? [4:55] 

Marni and Chris discuss the previous Bachelor, Colton Underwood. If you haven’t already heard, this 29-year-old man was enamored with a girl named Cassie even though he came out as gay on Good Morning America. Colton is accused of planting tracking devices on Cassie’s car and some other ‘light’ stalking activities. 

Cassie has not reached out to him, nor made any public statement. 

Chris asks Marni if guys deserve a second chance after these types of antics? He recalls a few times he did some ‘weird stuff’ after he suffered heartbreak or was under extreme emotional duress. 

Chris also asks how someone can avoid staying too long in a bad relationship. Marni advises him to ask hard questions and trust his gut when it comes to the answers. Look at where you are and make adjustments. Be courageous and do what you need to do for yourself.

If someone isn’t emotionally available that is a red flag.

Is Mr. Perfect only perfect on paper?


Matt James, Mr. No Good [20:43]

If Matt James had business cards he could confidently make his title, Player. Marni and Chris knew it from the beginning of the season. Since the season has ended a lot has come out about his no-good ways. 

He texted Rachel after posting that he was breaking up with her. He then flew her to NYC to continue their relationship. It seems to be all about the social media attention with him. While this is going on, he was talking to another woman named Grace who he had dated before. 

So, Rachel is heartbroken. Grace Amerling told him she wasn’t interested and then called Reality Steve and told him the whole story.

Matt James had no intention of settling down when he applied for The Bachelor.

Marni says, in the end, it is what are the values you are looking for in a person, they are consistently demonstrating through behavior over time. It doesn’t matter what someone looks like on paper it is about how they are showing up. That’s all you need to know. 


Chris says, don’t date anyone who would be on the Bachelor.


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