Marni and Chris are back this week to extract the real-life dating lessons from the reality TV show Bachelor in Paradise. The cast of men and women in the show may be given direction in which conversations to have but how they respond is very telling. Take a deep dive into the show to better understand the intentions behind mature and immature dating techniques and find out the questions you should be asking in your relationships. 



Key Takeaways: 


  • Why it’s important to have the “Are we on the same page?’ conversation. [1:56]


  • How vulnerable conversations build intimacy in relationships (Katie). [8:07]


  • Ask the broader question instead of feeding a man the words you want to hear (Nicole). [11:23]


  • Being authentic even when you are not on the same page but stay in the conversation to get feedback (JPJ). [17:28]


  • The best follow up question of all time and breaking your addiction to hunters (Deaniebaby). [24:42]


  • Why getting your heart broken often ends up for the best. (Connor). [34:02]

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