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Have you ever had those times when everything was in alignment? When you were totally focused and authentic? You feel calm, strong, and powerful.

I’ve had one of those days and it’s helping me to trust the relatively big decision I’m about to make. I want to share it with you so that you too can recognize when your body already knows what your head hasn’t quite gotten around to yet.

The decision’s about publishing my first book. Yep, the first draft is completed and has been aging for about three months now while I got ready for the investment decision on how to publish.

The writing process was really amazing, the words just flowed with my passion for Bold and Fearless Leadership and all that I’ve learned over the course of my many years as a leader in business. I used a program called Get Your Book Done. Check it out and be sure to use my name if you decide to speak with them. It’s a shameless plug for a program I think is terrific.

Okay, back to the publishing decision. I’ve been going round and round with the balance between quality, cost, effort, and time. Had an excellent session with my executive coach to help me. My conclusion? This is an extension of me and my brand. The investment in publishing this first book will enhance my credibility in my high-end Executive Leadership Coaching market and add to my sassy confidence. It needs to be done right.

At seven this morning I had a call with one of my options for publishing. I’ve been doing a lot of research for the past two weeks into all of the ways to publish a book. (You know that emoji with the top of the head blowing off? Well, that’s been me.)

After the call, I knew in my gut that I’d found the solution. My head and my checkbook aren’t quite 100% but my gut knows it. How do I know? I’m listening to my whole energy. I played golf at 8:30am, right after my call. I just put the call away and didn’t think about it, but my body was so relaxed that I had four birdies in a row and shot 75, one of my best rounds ever. It was so easy!

My energy was all flowing in the same direction. No more distractions, no more questioning of what I should do, no more dissonance. While I’m still not ready to push the go button (what if I find another, even better option?), I know in my heart that this is the right way to go. My coach is probably ready with some amazing questions to help me figure out what’s standing in my way of plopping down my credit card. Time’s a wasting . . .

How can you unleash the power of your full, optimized energy? Listen to your mind and listen to your body. When they’re aligned, the world just seems to be easier. There’s no traffic on the way to your next meeting. A parking spot opens right in front of the restaurant on a busy street when the rain’s pouring down. Or you shoot 75 when you’re a 10 handicap!

An Executive Coach is a powerful ally to help you tune in to all of the clues pointing you in the right direction. Sometimes we just can’t see it ourselves. You can do anything that you want to do! For more ideas on being your best Bold and Fearless self, please contact me at [email protected] or visit

 Photo Credit: Simon Connellan,