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Whenever I teach, record a video, or podcast, I often don’t know what I’m going to say. And when it’s over, in fact, I have a hard time remembering what I just said. I’ll even go back and re-listen and be like, “Hmmm. This guy has some interesting things to say.”

Teaching and speaking often taps me into “flow.” Coaching others and playing music do the same thing for me.

These are all forms of self-expression.

Self-expression has been on my mind a lot recently. What does it mean to express one’s self? As Bruce Lee shares, honestly expressing yourself is very hard to do. Yet he infused honest expression as much as he possibly could.

But why?

What’s the value of expressing ourselves, of experiencing flow, of sharing our unique voice with others?

The word that comes up for me is “resistance.”

Now, resistance–like everything else–isn’t good or bad. It simply is.

I believe, however, that we experience flow when we’re expressing our words, our music, our bodies, and ourselves with total honesty and authenticity–without inner resistance.

Another way to think about this is:

Flow is non-resistance to who we are and what is.

But again, why? What’s the point of flow? What’s in it for ourselves to experience flow in our day-to-day lives?

For starters, it’s a sign that we’ve transcended our mental resistance–those thoughts and beliefs that limit or prevent us from engaging with life, or from expressing our true selves. As we tap into higher levels of energy, our potential increases as well as our possibilities. We play the game of the moment the way we want to play it.

What else?

Well, we experience personal freedom, without the shackles of limits to what we “think” we can or can’t do.

And for some of us, we connect flow with financial freedom and success. The opportunity to generate wealth by simply being in flow and expressing the magic that we’re here to express–in my mind–is the highest form of vocation.

This leads me to “purpose.” Experiencing purpose and meaning directly supports our most basic human want–a desire to survive and thrive.

So what would you like to do? What’s the point of being in flow for you? What’s in it for you or for others?

For me, it’s often easier to think about how honest self-expression benefits others. And this leads me to one of my favorite values: inspiration.

When I witness others deep in their flow–in their zone of genius–and creating what their hearts long to create, it’s beautiful.

Going back to Mr. Bruce Lee, when he speaks, it’s like he’s reciting poetry. When he moves it’s wildly fast, expressive, and hard yet soft at the same time. When I read my favorite authors like Dan Millman, Jon Krakauer, J.K. Rowling. When I listen to powerful music–I just saw Bohemian Rhapsody which inspired me to listen to more Queen and Freddie Mercury, without a doubt, tapped into his zone of genius every time he sang.

It may be challenging to pinpoint the value of pursuing honest self-expression, self-actualization, or devoting your time to your zone of genius. And that’s because much of this comes from your heart.

However, it’s important to spend time logically thinking about this, too. I recently learned from a friend of mine that the mind and the heart combine in the throat to create our voice, which is a powerful tool of self-expression.

Now, I invite you to consider your logic, your emotions, your intuition, and combine them to create your unique form of self-expression. And then check with yourself: what’s the value of honestly expressing yourself? What does it do for you? How does it inspire or benefit others?

Because when you have the power of value, motivation, benefit, purpose, and meaning on your side, you will move mountains.

Crossing the TEA’s

Now, let’s check out the energy levels behind these Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions:

Low-Energy TEA:

  • Thought: I can’t express myself honestly. I’ll be judged. I don’t know how others will perceive me.
  • Emotions: Fear, Sadness, Resistance, Restriction, Powerless, Drained
  • Actions: Stay quiet and try not to rock the boat.

High-Energy TEA:

  • Thought: Tapping into my zone of genius, flow, and honestly expressing myself is valuable to me and others.
  • Emotions: Peace, Calm, Hopeful, Joy
  • Actions: Dedicate time to expressing yourself, honestly, using your zones of genius every day.

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