Being Open to Be Open

In. Out.

Breathe deep.

Calm and ease . . .

Our meditation started with a simple prompt from one of our retreat leaders, Bruce D Schneider, who wrote Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams (the book behind the retreat):

Can you release any thoughts of the desired outcome and stay open to ALL possibilities?”

The challenge was to embody a situation where I struggle with my emotions and feelings.

As I sat in meditation at the Uncover Retreat, I dropped down into a deeper state within.

Just as I’m starting to feel more connected to myself and the universe, the limitations of being human interrupts. My mind begins to wonder and strain against the discomfort of what it means to be truly open.

Settling into the unknown, despite the allure of endless possibilities, can be disquieting.

No Outcome Desired

The mind is tricky. I’ve been asked if I can release any thoughts of desired outcomes.

“OK, Mind, no desired outcome . . .”  

It rushes to create a narrative of different possible outcomes. It doesn’t want to be open to “no.” It wants an answer. Unbeknownst to my observing self, my mind replaces “no” with “different.”

“Different” is easier. I can weigh the pro and cons. I can compare better and worse. I can look for silver linings.

But “different” isn’t really the removal of a desired outcome, is it? It’s merely the acceptance of many “different” outcomes. Outcomes you may still be attached to in some way. In that moment of realization, when I caught the trick my mind was playing, I asked:

“Can I go deeper into this ‘being open’ way of inquiry. Can I settle in a bit deeper?”

No desired outcome. No desired outcome.


It hit me. Not in the sudden, gut-punching way one might expect, but slowly.

I eased into a sense of peace and the realization that “all will be alright, no matter the outcome—no outcome.”

As I continued to meditate it became more apparent that everything was already OK.

Deep breath.

In and out.

Calm and ease . . . I’m OK.

All Things Possible

The exercise continued and we were asked,

“Can you now open to all things being possible?”

Another question my mind wanted to play with. “What does that mean? Where is this going?”

Deep breath.

In and out.

Calm and ease. I reconnect to a deeper self (some might even say the Universe).

A wave of energy and excitement washes over me. Maybe the cosmos are conspiring. Could there be a greater scheme, one in which I can actualize all the elements of a good life?

I’m NOT talking about material desires; when I buy the house, drive the car, build the next company, etc. I’m talking about a real feeling of the path already existing. Not one to find but to experience as it is already unfolding, exactly as it should.

Reconciling With Reality

We ended the meditation and were brought back to our full senses.

As the challenge of my scenario became more deeply personal, the meditation (and witnessing of my own consciousness) became increasingly difficult. But, when I opened myself to embracing “no outcome,” tension and heartache eased.

Using the meditation, I was able to go beyond the surface level of my emotions and uncover more care and compassion. I wanted to understand more than I wanted to react.

I was safe to uncover the core emotion beneath the reaction.

Beyond the anger, blame, and resentment, what I felt toward those involved was, in fact, sadness. And when it comes to sadness, I work hard to deny. I’ll come up with a million different ways to fix and rectify a situation before I’ll allow myself to feel that kind of pain.

But this time, by just letting myself be, by allowing myself to be okay with feeling deeply sad, I was finally able to more fully process the situation and better understand the people involved.

Using the Uncover Process and meditation I experienced at the retreat, I found a way to transform sadness into a sense of openness.

Anything is possible.

Reconnecting to this realization, a sense of ease and peace grows within me.

It will all be OK. It already is. No matter what.

In. Out.

Breath deep.

Calm and ease.



The Uncover Retreat explores five paths of consciousness through the Uncover Process. This process, developed by the founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, is designed to help you better understand your true nature so you can live your life more fully, deeply, and consciously.

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Written by Aaron Kahlow, Founder of the Conscious Circles Project
Leveraging two decades of building five companies, Aaron Kahlow has dedicated his entrepreneurial talents to work for the great consciousness movement. He aspires to help others to unlearn the false truths society has fabricated which caused most of our suffering. He hopes to encourage those who follow his work to find a path toward regaining connection back to their community and their most true self.