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Full Episode: 79 “UNSCRIPTED Q&A. AND THE TWO THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU GET YOUR SWAGGER BACK THIS SUMMER. ” – The two things Underdogs do to build a strong foundation for rediscovering their special stuff and getting their swagger back. A preview of the Ten Swagger Back Commandments. And Q&A that includes Underdogs answering these two questions: 1. What are you most nervous about this summer? 2. What are you most excited about this summer? You can share your answer on Twitter (@GregoryNesmith) and I’ll share your comment on the next episode. Plus Underdogs live online comments and phone calls throughout the show. The Gregory Nesmith Show – Special Delivery of UNderdogStuff®. How as Underdogs we get our swagger back in this crazy world. It’s a personal development perspective on today’s news and culture. Hosted by Gregory “The Voice Of The Underdog” Nesmith. More episodes, articles, and info at