Undivided is a podcast series focused on breaking down societal barriers which separate people. The show aims to unite people in harmony, respect, and peace.

This episode will look at effective communication and why people struggle in this area. My special guest will be Nadia Tenorio.

Nadia is a CPC, ELI-MP Life Coach who works with individuals that possess a desire & passion for targeted personal growth. Nadia has been a producer, writer and actress in the Pacun-Peras The-a-Tro theatre company in Toronto since 2005. She brings her 30+ years of experience in the performing arts, teaching, directing and acting to her Life Coaching business. Nadia is also a founding member of the Toronto based Allies in Tech, an organization created for allies who amplify the impact of women in Tech.

Nadia is a Wife and Mother of 2 daughters, she understands that each person has a longing to find their voice. She brings her breadth of professional and life experience to help guide her clients to succeed in their endeavor for development.

Nadia’s mission is to create effective strategies that assist her clients in finding Clarity, Intention, and Confidence through her business – Nadia Tenorio Coaching Solutions. Ms. Tenorio is a member of One Woman Canada and a participant in the 2019 FEARLESS summit, an organization dedicated to empowering women, providing a stage for each woman’s story, and also a place that resonates deeply with her.

Frank J. Maduri is the Host of Undivided and is a CPC, ELI-MP as well as a poet and writer. He has news credits in over 40 countries. Frank has a coaching practice focused on career transition and writing coaching. He has a poetry collection and a book, “Reflections of the Passion: A Modern Guide to The Stations of The Cross” both available on Amazon.

Please listen in on May 15, LIVE at 7 PM Eastern to this compelling episode.