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Full Episode: 83 “WHO YOU ROLLING WITH!? – SUPER TEAMS, SUPER FRIENDS, AND SUPERHEROES” – The UNavoidable News: Everybody is teaming up.

AT&T and LeBron James both find new teammates. Ten Swagger Back Commandments: Who we roll with can have a significant impact on getting our swagger back and keeping it. And there’s science to it too.

The UN of the Week: Is it unjust or just right to listen to alternative points of view? The Underdog Spotlight: “I Promise…” you are going to love this week’s name that Underdog! Plus Underdogs live online comments and phone calls throughout the show.

The Gregory Nesmith Show – Special Delivery of UNderdogStuff®. Exploring how Underdogs get our swagger back in today’s society & culture. From all the “UN” angles: The UNavoidable, The UNderreported, The UNbelievable, The UNjust, The UNsaid, The UNconventional, and more UNderdogStuff®!

Topics inspired by current events, past events, turnarounds (the ones that worked and the ones that didn’t), our personal lives, and a pinch of politics. Hosted by Gregory Nesmith – Certified Coach, Business Consultant, Content Creator, and Founder & CEO of UNderdogStuff®. More episodes, articles, and info at