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Written by Laura Abernathy
August 30, 2019

Are you like me? Do you get overwhelmed with your life? 

I’m the founder of a not for profit school of the soul. I’ve been growing this “child” of mine for 22 years now. The journey has been fulfilling, shocking, frustrating, demanding, and exhilarating.

Here’s the really inspiring part: Not only has it allowed me the honor of supporting hundreds in the uncovering of their Divine Within, but it has also gifted me with abundant opportunities to address my own blocks. One block was my inability to accept what is.

Master of the Reins

As a young woman, I was floating through life and angry with the world for not giving me what I wanted. I eventually learned that I was the only one responsible for my circumstances. When I finally “got” this, I threw my whole self into taking responsibility. I applied myself fervently to grabbing the reins and crafting my ideal life. Thinking ahead was now imperative for planning success! 

Long before the idea of time management, I developed this self-mastery to the pinnacle of obsession. I planned every minute of every day. Some were big chunks of time devoted to one thing—like my job at the time—but I also planned every fifteen minutes from the time I rose from bed at 5:00 AM in the morning, to the time I hit the pillow at midnight. I held myself accountable to that plan, too! I posted it publicly for all in the household to see.

I kept long lists of everything I needed to do. I applied every system I found to improve myself. I never stopped to rest or just be—except when I was scheduled for meditation. All of this was my way of preventing a slip backwards. It felt like I needed to swing the pendulum way over to the other side to change.

How could I aim for center when I didn’t know what that looked like? I became so excellent at planning and creating success that I became stuck in that extreme. When something didn’t go the way I had envisioned, I wasn’t a happy camper! 

Yep—it was time for another life lesson . . .

The Balance

I eventually found the center of self-mastery. Through meditation, mentoring, and observing others, I came to understand that I didn’t need to create my life all by myself. I could partner with life instead. So then I learned a new way of “walking the talk” so to speak. I learned the value of grace.

For example, when overwhelm crept in, I’d practice letting go and trusting what was happening. Instead of being frozen or slowed down when I couldn’t see the path forward, I accepted that (somehow) I’d find a way. I figured out that if I just remained flexible and open, a solution would unfold.

Part of finding this state of balance was recognizing that I’d be just fine if a deadline wasn’t met. I nurtured compassion for myself. I could only do my very best.

Life Dancer

Gradually, I moved from being an extremely fixed person to an expert “life dancer.” I quit judging myself and demanding that the end results fit cultural standards. I aimed for my ideal result, honoring my values and life purpose.

If things didn’t come together exactly the way I’d envisioned, I knew I had honored my values. The funny thing is, when those times happened and I saw life through this perspective, success usually followed within days.

In the times when it didn’t—I accepted it. I remained open to it happening in the future in a way even better than I could imagine. And if it didn’t, that was okay, too.

I could accept what is.

Trusting Life

The bottom line is this . . . you either trust life or you don’t. If you don’t, there are wounds underneath that distrust. I hope I’ve inspired you to find ways to approach your pain of hopelessness, anger, and struggle—and there are many!

Coaching, mentoring with a trustworthy spiritual counsel, and psychotherapy are the ones I used the most. Let your pain push you closer to life. Life wants to be your partner. It wants to pull you into the field of your potential and possibility. I love how Bruce D Schneider puts it in his book Uncovering the Life of Your Dreams:

“Acceptance is the open arms of the Universe.”

It wants to partner with you. How ready are you to surrender to it?

Ready, Set, Action!

I invite you to explore these topics that I write about in your own unique way—by yourself or with others. Share with me about how it’s going and what blocks you’re running into. You can use the comment section below, or for more privacy, email me at [email protected].

I’ve devoted my life to the uncovering of my Divine self. Because of the blissful results, I’m committed to supporting fellow seekers in the uncovering of their Divine self. One way I do this is through the Spiritual Satisfaction group coaching program that I created. It includes a complimentary self-assessment on a variety of topics.

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Photo Credit: DJ Johnson,