It’s good to look back every once in a while, to give yourself time to review what’s come and gone in your life. This creates the space to experience gratitude for what’s shown up for you. In these moments, you can get a broader perspective and a wider point of view. With time and distance, the disappointments, struggles, and obstacles won’t seem as deep, wide, or large as they did when you first came up against them.

Equally important is to direct your focus on moments that felt good, accomplishments you enjoyed, and desires that were met. Be sure to allow yourself time to celebrate and savor them again. As you do, you’ll experience a sense of appreciation and welcoming. Leave plenty of room to acknowledge what you contributed to making them happen.

The gift of your experiences lies not only in what happens at the time. The true treasure reveals itself as you move through your life having been altered in some way by them. These top 10 Successful Awakenings articles will inspire and nourish you as you read them. Then, over time you’ll be enriched and transformed by whatever is awakened within you.

Successful Awakenings Begin With Being

#1: The 7 Levels of Life Purpose Energy<<Read More>>

“Connecting to and being fluent in your life purpose, well, it’s a little like having all the ingredients you need for baking bread. For example, let’s say your life purpose is to bake bread…”

#2: How Your Thoughts Can Enslave You Or Serve You<<Read More>>

“However, we do know that thoughts have a direct and potent effect on your emotions, actions, and wellbeing. Since your thoughts appear to have a mind of their own, it may seem impossible to learn how to master them.”

#3: Epic Formula for Eliminating Your Negative Self-Talk & Self-Criticism<<Read More>>

“Sometime in your life, you experienced stress, fear, and very likely a sense of powerlessness. It’s completely normal to have this happen especially as a young child. At that time in life, the entire world is bigger than you…”

#4: How To Get Rid Of Your Internal Clutter & Chaos<<Read More>>

“The emotional bumps and bruises you’re experiencing seem to be caused by the other person. In fact, when you actually take a look at what’s behind the door of this particular room, you’ll see that you’ve got a cluttered and chaotic space.”

#5: The Nature of Your Brain and Success: The Dopamine Drive<<Read More>>

“Imagine a pit. The high, steep dirt walls are blocking most of the light from coming in. Dopamine is your ladder and each rung makes it possible to see the brightness and blue sky of your day.”

#6: What No One Tells You About Gratitude<<Read More>>

You bought a ticket and won the lottery! You’re happy, and, grateful. Life is pretty wonderful and it feels like things are really happening the way you want them to. The experience of gratitude has stages and you often remain stuck in one.

Successful Awakenings Flow Into Doing

#7: 5 Key Benefits of Having a Daily Morning Practice<<Read More>>

“The sound of the alarm seeps into your consciousness as the last wisps of your early morning dream slip away like the hem of a ghostly, tattered cloak. What will it take for you to open your eyes and say ‘yes’ to your day?”

#8: What No One Tells You About Laughing Your Troubles Away<<Read More>>

“It’s often true that when you need it the most you seem to be unable to find your sense of humor. Choosing to view your difficulties with a humorous viewpoint doesn’t make them go away.”

#9: Beginner’s Guide: The Secrets of Improv for Success<<Read More>>

“At the heart of it, communication gives us the power to create synergy and momentum. Connecting to others, engaging them, and energetically moving forward is essential for success. That’s where improv comes in.”

#10: 5 Hints for Body Language Basics<<Read More>>

“You just woke up and rolled, or hopped, out of bed. What’s your next move? The Wonder Woman, of course. Use the time to reflect on what inspires gratitude in your life.”

Bonus Successful Awakening #11

Hack: Positivity to Enrich Your Life, Health, & Love<<Read More>>

“It isn’t just a matter of closing your eyes to the difficulties in your relationships and your life. In fact, it’s more about creating a net of positivity that simply allows you to be more resilient.”

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