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Written by Julia Armet, Founder of
April 15th, 2020

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Anyone who knows me (like, really knows me) would tell you, “Julia’s an expert in Titanic.”

Whether that means I’m an expert in crisis, keeping calm under pressure, getting creative in times of chaos, or simply connecting wholeheartedly with the depths of historic detail, you tell me . . .

What I can tell you is Titanic taught me a lot about the shadow side of power: classism, greed, speed, catastrophe, struggle, survival, death, tragedy, and grief.

I can also tell you Titanic taught me a lot about the shine of power: human-made miracles, intangible magnificence, heroism, love, human dignity, resilience, resourcefulness, faith, and legacy. 

I’d often imagine . . .

What Would I Do If I Were on Titanic?

I guess you could say, this is my code of leadership:

  1. PEOPLE FIRST: Similar to the honorable Captain Smith, I’d go down with the ship.
  2. EQUAL RIGHTS: We’re all the same. There’s no first, second, or third class. People cannot be classified as non-essential and essential. We’re all made of the same blood, sweat, and tears. We’re each valuable.
  3. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Here’s the data: the number of lifeboats on that ship was 20. 18 were used, and only four went back. Four . . . that in itself is the greatest lesson—they needed more lifeboats.
  4. CREATIVITY: How could we have saved this beautiful boat? This is the question that stumped me as a little girl and I’ll often play with that question to stretch my creative muscle. 
  5. MUSIC: The band kept playing up until the very last minutes. What would make the situation a little bit better? The survivors, the true witnesses, recounted they played “Nearer My God To Thee.”  
  6. SURRENDER: As a student of Titanic, I’d never stop playing it over in my mind: What more could they have done? Until one day, I found acceptance . . . and on that day, I shifted my focus to the underwater exploration. And here’s where I realized: She lives on for eternity. 
  7. ILLUSIONS: The “unsinkable” ship was indeed sinkable. Some would blame the iceberg, others human recklessness, though for me, it’s not about blaming, it’s about seeing this historic event for what it’s worth: to question everything. 

This event’s a part of my soul and I’ve been told (in past life regression) that perhaps I was there.

Truth: I was there (and I’m sure of it).

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