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If you even have an inkling that you know you should be looking at your relationship with money so that you can make more, hold on to more of what you make, or have it not be an anxiety-ridden endeavor when you DO look at it . . .

I have three questions for you. Take five to 10 minutes, get out a pen and a piece of paper and get honest with yourself. And yes, you can burn the paper afterwards so no one sees it.

Because no one has to see it, but you.

Question #1: What’s more important in what you’re doing right now rather than looking at your relationship with money?

Think about it: money’s involved in all aspects of our lives. Each and every one. So what activities take you away from building a solid foundation on which all other aspects of your life can thrive upon?

Question #2: What are you afraid that others might find out about you and how you handle money?

This is a big one. Sit with it and be curious . . .

What if everyone knew how you handle money or don’t handle it? What if it was all out on the table? How would your life be different?

Question #3: What excuses are coming up that take you away from looking at your money?

Okay, that’s more than 3 questions (I sprinkled a few others in there). My intention isn’t for you to beat yourself up over your responses. My intention’s to get you aware. And my other intention is to let you know, you aren’t alone here.

The feelings and thoughts that you experience and the actions that result come up for most all of us around money at some time or another. It’s okay. And Awareness is a key Element to changing the relationship. So burn up that piece of paper (or don’t) and try something different.

If you want to chat it out with me and get some clarity around money for your personal financial well-being, or your business’s financial well-being, email me at [email protected]. I’ve been there and I’ve seen it and I have seen what the other side looks like and it’s liberating!

I’ll leave you with this tidbit: the more resistance you have around your money, the more potential you have for amazing growth around it.

Until next time, much love and abundance in all its forms.

Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon,