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How frequently do you check the time of day? You do it more often than you realize.

You glance at your cell phone (or your watch) to see what time it is as you get up in the morning or automatically between activities.

You plan for the amount of time it takes to get to work, to church, or to run an errand. Time has a way of secretly ruling your life.

The Value of Time

From the moment you take your first breath as a newborn, the clock ticks away each second and minute of the day with a never-ending effort.

How you spend your time each day is a choice you make. The schedule you follow may be stricter than others. Not everyone treats time as the precious commodity it is.

Writers are people who should be mindful of their time. For many, time’s in short supply. It’s important to value every moment. You can pack way too much in your schedule and then you need to take a break to actually get back on course again.

Are you a planner? It’s the perfect solution to be more productive. I always buy a day timer in the fall to get ready for the New Year.

Blocking out personal appointments, your writing days and times, birthdays, church on Sundays, and any support duties I’m responsible for, and then reviewing the calendar the night before, keeps you on top of what will be going on the next day.

I like a paper calendar, rather than keeping my appointment/business project calendar online.

During a 24-hour period, you decide how many hours you’ll sleep and how many hours you choose to be industrious. I always include any Mastermind groups I’m part of and I write down the time of a daily workout and meditation.

The exercise and reflection times are what boost my consistent writing and adds to living a more balanced and positive lifestyle.

Determining the amount of time you relax, including self-care, is essential to healthy living. Write these events on your calendar as well.

The Top Reason to Value Time in the New Year

Despite each day providing 24 hours to live, rather than squander your time, make every moment count.

As time ran out in the year 2018, have you thought about how you spent your time this past year?

Did you make any positive changes in trying to be a better person, and perhaps a more supportive spouse, mother, father, daughter, or son?

Have you considered what might be different for you in the coming year? Would you like your relationships to be more loving, or are there some habits you’ve practiced this year that you don’t want to continue in the New Year?

Experiencing the start of a New Year gives each of us the opportunity to start life over again. You can embark on a new you, a more positive attitude, and a new year to honor your own life and the lives of others in the best possible light.

A new year can be a clean slate where you decide what’s achievable for you. Create something meaningful and promising for yourself in the days ahead.

Wishing each of you the joy of new beginnings and the aspiration of seeing through whatever visions you have planned for 2019. Happy New Year!

Lorna McCarty is a professional Writing Coach and Strategist with Confidant Author.

Write to her at [email protected] and take a minute here to leave your comments and thoughts below.

Photo Credit: Nathan Dumlao,