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Paulo Coelho said,

“Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share thingsthoughts, ideas, and opinions.”

Before you can share anything, you must be in a state of mind where you think clearly and you have the ability to speak your thoughts or write them down with transparency.

I’ve never been able to start a day without taking time the night before to prepare for the next day. The thought of not being completely organized and well rested so I’m ready to tackle a productive work effort is inconceivable.

Can you find your writing inspiration when your laptop’s knee deep in mayhem?

For me, there’s something about an orderly space that provides the necessary energy to tap into my writing genius. A clean space helps to clear the path to creativity.

For many people, decluttering to keep a well-maintained environment isn’t a priority, and they still manage to thrive.

Want to do your best writing? Clear the clutter by going through paper stacksrecycle or file away what you want to keep. Part with as much clutter as possible.

Becoming organized before you write has its benefits.

  • Get rid of whatever overwhelms you and experience inner calm and happiness.
  • Take time to tidy up the house or establish order in your workspace. It’ll help to keep your sanity in check.
  • Establishing order also clears your mind and makes you feel more productive.

Taking on the responsibility to be organized and prepared before you start any project is something I learned at an early age. This action helps you make good choices and develop behaviors that set you up for success.

Is clutter good for your brain?

  • Physical clutter not only overloads your brain, it also impairs your senses.
  • It increases your stress level and it decreases creativity.

Physical clutter produces an unwelcoming sense of overwhelm.

When overwhelm appears, annoying voices remind you of everything you additionally need to do, rather than taking care of immediate tasks.

Do you have trouble focusing?

When your mind’s cluttered, you often hear a rapid fire of questions that set self-doubt in motion.

You may be thinking about who or what’s causing you grief, or how impossible it may be to solve a multitude of problems that are racing around in your head.

Mental clutter has to be cleared in order for your creative side to show up.

How do you turn on your creativity?

Your time and your energy are precious. In order for you to use your time effectively, think about what you do during your work week and write it all down.

That may sound like a lot of work. However, I tried this exercise and found I spent an incredible amount of time doing other things, instead of actually sitting down and connecting to writing.

The secret to getting your best writing accomplished is to find a consistent time of day where your energy and focus is sharp and your ideas flow easily.

Next, when your surroundings are in disarray, it can have a negative impact on your ability to focus. Clutter’s a distraction that takes away from your ability to effectively center your thinking to produce good content.

Achieving great writing results begins with a clutter-free mind, a clutter-free space, and a desire to make a difference and a connection with your reader.

Your invitation today? Find a clutter-free zone and start writing. It’s your time to be brilliant!

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Photo Credit: Jeff Sheldon,