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It’s early. The sun’s barely up and the promise I made to myself the night before–to achieve an early rise and get fired up about my writing–seems as distant as yesterday.

Sometimes plans change; and, sometimes that extra nudge you give yourself misses its mark. Getting your writing done regularly is clearly a choice you make.

I’m a firm believer in getting things done. However, forcing your writing ideas to flow, rather than allowing them to come to you with ease, rarely works.

What kindles your writing spirit?

Karen Salmansohn suggests you do activities you’re passionate about–those which make your heart and soul feel perky–including things like working out, cooking, painting, writing, yoga, hiking, walking, swimming, being in nature, being around art, or reading inspiring books.

  • A consistent exercise regime and the experience of guided meditation is my secret sauce of choice. Initiating the positive action to turn up the flame of your writing’s just the first step.
  • Try taking a deeper look at the direction you’re pursuing and what you need to do in order to get there. Peter Santos says our freedom lies in remaining open continuously, not only to life’s changes but also to the divine light within us and others.
  • Spaciousness is truly a gift you give yourself. By setting aside time to rejuvenate your mind and body, you lift yourself up and set yourself free to experience living in your highest power. With consistent self-care you not only open your mind to the potential of delivering GREAT writing, you also lead a more healthy existence.
  • Your best writing ideas often take time to produce, require more than one draft, and plenty of editing. Allow yourself the time to polish the writing you produce and provide value for your reader.
  • Patience and perseverance are two important components to be present with your writing on a consistent basis.
  • Sometimes writers think too much about what they’re creating. Thinking isn’t a bad thing; however, the skill is knowing when to engage with a thought, how long to concentrate on the thought, and realizing when to step back from over-deliberating on the thought.

Writing ideas come to us in many ways.

My best writing comes to me in the early morning hours as I’m wrestling with continuing in slumber and delaying wakefulness.

The tough part when you want to stay asleep is actually listening to the fresh ideas that appear to you just for a short time.

The answer to solve the dilemma is making sure you either get up or find a pen and paper to record your thoughts, or to make sure you have a journal and writing implement by your bedside.

You may think you’ll remember these glorious ideas that pop randomly into your head. However, it’s best to get them written down while you’re thinking about them. Otherwise, you’re sure to lose those pennies from heaven.

Here’s this week’s writing invitation: find what ignites your writing passion. Capture the idea as quickly as you can. If the idea comes to you while you’re nowhere near a laptop to record your genius, make sure you have some paper and a writing tool nearby to get those precious thoughts recorded.

Good luck and be sure to comment on your success below, or write to me at [email protected] #WritingMadeEasy

Photo Credit: Aaron Burden,