Plug in some headphones, sit quietly and close your eyes–hear your breathing, listen to your immediate thoughts, and savor the beauty in your silence just for a minute or two. The power of our internal listening is more healing and resourceful than you can imagine. Today, hear why you’ll want to take on the challenge of listening and see where it takes you!

Key takeaways:

Future connection. The time to explore radical truths about your life, reality, and your pursuit to happiness is HERE! With two upcoming retreats, one in January the other in March, reserving your spot to these unforgettable experiences is critical. Uncover event details HERE . . . [1:00].

Bridging uncertainties. You went out and gave it your all, but sadly it didn’t work out. A relationship came to an end, a career failed, you couldn’t pay the mortgage–how can you face the world and reconnect to your sense of purpose when you’re supposed to have all the answers? Learn THIS secret to tame the pressure within . . . [3:00].

Diving deeper. There’s that sticky space between the moment one thing closes in your life and you’re waiting for the next thing to begin. It’s so very easy to fill the void with distraction and shut any doubts/anxiety down but it’s critical that you don’t. The BEST thing to do is this . . . [6:51].

Mobile therapy. You’re busy living an on-the-go life; and while you’re in the midst of discovering your personal path and experimenting new, hidden pieces of yourself, there’s one thing you can do that can help the process. Carry a conversation with yourself anytime, anywhere with this ONE practice . . . [11:05].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. You’re never more than One Idea Away from a whole, new reality.