Optimal U

In this episode I talk with film and tv star Eddie Cahill about motivation & drive, having empathy for ourselves, how to handle fear, his approach to auditions, life’s “process” and much more.

Eddie Cahill is an actor who has been seen in the movie Miracle as goalie Jim Craig, as Tag Jones on Friends and for 9 years as Detective Don Flack on CSI: NY. His most recent role was as District Attorney Conner Wallace on the ABC series Conviction.

I sat down with Eddie at his house in Los Angeles for a very casual and wide ranging conversation about his early childhood, how he got into acting and then into more practical things about what to do with fear and how the understanding that life is a process brings him a sense of satisfaction. Just so you know on the technical side of things, during our talk there was a break and the conversation topic changed when we got into it again. I covered this transition with a pretty awesome sound effect. Also, I am recording on location and the sound is not spectacular. And lastly, there are expletives used throughout the interview.