Nature designed your body and, specifically, your brain to increase your overall well-being and health in conditions of success. Researchers have measured the neurotransmitters and chemicals that play vital roles in this. When you have an understanding of how your brain works, you have the power to activate these helper chemicals. In this series on Nature and Success, I’ll be talking about each one. The first is dopamine.

Dopamine, sometimes called the Reward Molecule, is produced by our brains in response to the achievement of a goal, any goal. Dopamine gives us that good feeling that comes from completing a desired task. Research shows that it sets the stage for success by improving your future decision-making and action-taking abilities. There is a cumulative effect wherein the more dopamine your brain receives, the greater success you’ll have as you move forward. Even the smallest decision to commit to and take an action releases this helpful chemical.

A lack of dopamine, on the other hand, creates feelings of lethargy, a lack of motivation, and basically a ‘why bother?’ attitude. If you’re noticing this type of mindset, maybe you need a little more dopamine in your life.

Imagine a pit. The high, steep dirt walls are blocking most of the light from coming in. Dopamine is your ladder and each rung makes it possible to see the brightness and blue sky of your day. The first rung of your ladder can be pretty small and close to the ground.

The Climb Begins With The First Rung

First Rung: set an intention to listen to this 2 Minute Body Sense Meditation a certain number of times this week. Write down specifically when you’ll do this. Create a reminder in your calendar and choose some way of tracking your success. A very simple way is to put a beautiful stone or shell in a jar each time you do this meditation. Keep this jar on your desk so you can see this very clear reminder of your accomplishment. If it’s not possible to have the jar with you, snap a photo of it each time you add to it. There will be moments in your day where you’ll be waiting in line, or on your break. Those are times to check in with this celebratory photo to acknowledge and savor your accomplishment. After practicing this meditation and celebration for a week or so, choose your next rung.

Second Rung: Clarify and connect with your core values. Set up a complimentary session with me during which I’ll lead you through this process. This simple awareness creates positive feelings of self-understanding and opens the door to increased self-appreciation. These six values become touchstones as well as compass points for how and who you want to be in life. In our session, you’ll learn how to maximize this for greater pleasure in your life.

Third Rung & Beyond: There can be any number of rungs on your personal ladder. The important thing to remember is that you don’t need to know what they all are in order to begin. Just choose the first one, keep it simple, and within reach. Then, celebrate it!

About Zette

Zette Harbour is an iPEC certified life and leadership coach, and, an award-winning professional storyteller. Her 2 Minute Body Sense Meditation is an excellent practice to support you in accessing your intuition as a part of her online course: Empowering Wellness Through Self-Care. To connect with Zette, book a complimentary Discovery Conversation today.

Her column, Successful Awakenings explores the limitless power of awakening to the brilliant and beautiful story of who you truly are.  Follow Zette at Morphosis Coaching on Facebook.

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