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Why’s it so hard to make money?

Maybe because that’s what you’ve been raised to believe. “You have to work hard to make money.” Really hard.

Other derivatives of this saying are:

  • “You have to bust your a$$ for at least five years before you have street cred in your industry.”
  • “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”
  • “Work hard, live frugal, and save your money.”

No wonder many think it’s hard to make money and you’ve got to hustle every moment to get ahead. After hearing these phrases over and over, why even bother going into business for yourself or asking for a raise?

We as humans are wired to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Connecting money with hard work can arouse thoughts of pain, possibly even bring you to your demise.

I’ll tell you a story about the misnomer of working harder: I was coming down the stairs inside my condo a couple of days ago and I noticed a fly buzzing around inside the house.

Eventually, it found itself on the window sill, adjacent to the sliding glass door to the outside, having some sense of where it needed to go: outside.

I watched it for a moment. It’d swiftly fly up the window, bounce up against the window, and then drop back down to the corner. I was imagining the amount of futile energy it needed to buzz up the window and back down in its attempts to bust through the window. It was just a fly after all, with its fly brain.

After several attempts, I tried to shoo it out the open door, as its freedom and relatively easy life of living in the great outdoors was only a measly four inches from where it was knocking itself against the window. But as I would go to help it, it would fly away in the opposite direction from me and away from the open door.

It was working WAY HARD to get what it wanted.

I couldn’t watch it any longer, or try helping it out, and just gave up on it. I eventually walked away to move on with my day and later noticed the fly dead on the window sill.

Now, granted the fly wasn’t out to make money, but it was out looking for freedom. So it goes to show you that working harder isn’t always the best answer. You need something else.

The Myth of Working Harder

Okay, so, I want to be very clear here–I do believe in working hard (I really do) but I choose to replace the word “hard” with “consistent.”

Hard work is a middle-class money mindset and if you want to grow personally and professionally, without killing yourself in the process, you must check-in with this belief.

I’ve been in the entrepreneurial space for years and there’s work to be done, no doubt. To be consistent, coupled with getting in alignment with a healthy Money EQ, can add so much more to your bank account than just hard work; and can also create a more fulfilling journey in your business or your life.

You don’t make money by working hard, you make money by doing the right things.

I’m not talking quick fixes here, either. I’m talking inspired-action things because when you create value for others from an inspired action, people can’t help but gravitate towards what you have to offer. If you see others making a lot of money, it just means they created a lot of value for other people with consistency and alignment.

Don’t leave it up to someone else, choose for yourself. If you choose to believe this myth, then you will always work hard for your money.

The Mythbuster 

Dig into where this belief came from, thank it for what it’s given you up until this point, and let it go! Open up space for money to come into your life by letting go of that old money drama. Support yourself with a new belief system that inspires you every day to live in abundance for yourself, your family, or your business.

Our beliefs support our results. If you find it’s still hard to make money based on your money beliefs, reach out to me, [email protected]. Get support that supports you in making money now and keeping more of it in your pocket with more ease and grace.

Until next time, much abundance in all its forms.

Photo Credit: Vitaly Taranov,