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What if you became a bag lady?

Seriously, what if . . . ?

What would you do?

Nearly half of women have a fear of becoming a bag lady when they get older, according to a study by the life insurance company Allianz. Nearly HALF! And some of them, most of them, HAVE MONEY!

Wow . . . how did we as women get here thinking, “When’s the other shoe going to drop?”

This is the tricky and the most beautiful thing about the mind—WE DON’T KNOW. When we can unhook ourselves from the fear of uncertainty and start to embrace it, transformation around finances happens.

There’s something powerful in the “not knowing” . . . if we let ourselves go there. Yep, and that’s the hard part. Why would we want to let go of control? What if we let go and it all falls apart? But, what if it didn’t? What might that open you up to in your life you didn’t know before?

So, if you fear turning into a bag lady, let’s really go there. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

You don’t have a place to live. You’re out on the street. You must beg for food and warm clothes. How do you feel? How would you look at life from that vantage point? What might you do? What choices would you make?

If you’re anything like me, and half of you are, you start over. You think differently. You choose differently.

When you have nothing, you look at life with a different lens. Maybe the lens of forgiveness. Maybe the lens of surrender. Maybe the lens of acceptance. But most likely it might all boil down to looking at life through a lens of love.

Let me remind you, you weren’t born a bag lady. And one of our superpowers in this life is choice. I’ll say it again,

Our superpower in this life is CHOICE—conscious CHOICE.

Around health, relationships, desire, needs, wants, AND MONEY!

You always have a choice. You can choose to think you’ll be a bag lady or you can choose to believe you can create what you need and want to live a loving, healthy life. It’s time to start thinking about life from the perspective of love and expansion.

Straight talk here . . .

Take responsibility for how you think and feel!

YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS! If you’re half of the women who believe you might become a bag lady, listen up.

If you’re thinking you’ll become a bag lady, you most likely also think someone else is to blame for putting you in that possible thought process.

Now, be honest. Right?

Who was it? Your parents, the economy, the president, your boss, your ex?

Blaming others for our thoughts produces fear because underneath it all your power is taken away and goes into the hands of the person you’re blaming. So you’ll continually be hooked into that person and never be fully able to take responsibility for your own thoughts around your finances.

When you get honest about who or what you blame when it comes to your finances, you take your power back to change your situation. You begin to trust yourself and move forward toward your desires, not your demise.

Taking responsibility takes vigilance. Yep, it does. There are no shortcuts to responsibility

But imagine the payoff. Your business, your income, your life’s completely in your hands.

No more bag lady thoughts. You have the power to change it all, and complete freedom’s the next benefit after that.

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Let me know what your biggest fears are around money and let’s shift them for once and for all–together! Life’s too short to be fearful around money.

To your abundance in all its forms.

Photo Credit: Cory Woodward,