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The process I created and use with my clients is The Five Elements of Financial Freedom Process, or in other words, The Five Elements to Dropping Your Fear Around Money. Because essentially, that’s what financial freedom is . . . freedom. To do what you wish, when you wish, with absolute joy and appreciation.


I’m sure you understand what I’m saying when I say, awareness is the first key to transformation, but even self-aware women and men don’t have the level of awareness they need to in order to be financially free.

So, it’s time to supercharge your awareness–and that starts with getting very, very honest about your money, about your business, your patterns, your thoughts, your actions, and your energy around money . . . it has to get real before it gets better!

And it’s also a time for deeper listening and looking . . . there’s a myriad amount of opportunities out there for you–at any given moment–to take advantage of making more money.

Are you keeping your eyes and ears open for them and taking aligned action on them?


If you aren’t familiar with acceptance (also known as allowance, receiving, forgiveness), don’t worry . . . you aren’t alone. It’s another lesson we’re not taught in school.

However, I bet you’re familiar with the flip side of that coin: resistance.

This is where sabotaging patterns can really start to play head games with you on what you desire–financially or elsewhere in your life. You know resistance around money, as it comes in disguised as confusion, overwhelm, struggle, blame, discouragement, maybe even sadness. If this is a familiar place for you, this is where your awareness springboards into making a conscious choice to stop the “at the effect of” pattern.

To get what you want, your resistance around what you want or why you don’t have it yet needs to drop–to fall away. So stop, and do this with me: close your eyes, get present, feel into your body that’s grounded in your seat, feet planted on the floor connected to the earth, and bring your hands together and start to rub them together.

Pull your hands apart and feel the energy between them. That’s your creativity, that’s your essence, your energetic presence. That’s the acceptance of who you are and not your current circumstances . . . that’s your inner being, saying “you got this.” Open your eyes.

And you’ve just tapped into your magnificence . . .


Alignment feels like the universe giving you a high five. A full body hell yes. Get present, dropping in, and get very clear on what you desire and why.

The universe loves clarity and conviction and getting aligned is your truest self asking you to trust yourself. Yes, it’s time . . . it’s time to trust yourself fully and completely. 100%. Because what if you aren’t where you want to be because you haven’t been trusting yourself? In your heart you know your desires, you can trust that, you can rest in that.

When you’re in alignment, all this business and money stuff becomes much, much easier.


Well, we can’t talk about money without talking abundance.

You hear it often: abundance is about your worth. Your value in this world, let me remind you, is infinite. We, as humans, have some work to do on this. Abundance is about being truly rich.

So what are you doing daily, several times daily, to remind yourself of your access to abundance, to your brilliance?


The last element: aligned action. You have an idea, a business, a program, a seed, a drive that’ll alter the course of someone’s life positively–your life, your family’s life–to make an impact in this world that’s so desperately needed right now . . . so what’s your next best action around money?

What opportunities are out there waiting for you to claim them, put your mark on them, and run with them to create the financial life you desire? Opportunities that are taken by aligned action on money.

Money gives you more life. Discover how to make it work for you–not against you. Reach out to me at [email protected] and start living your life, not worrying about money.

Much love and abundance to you in all its forms.

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