An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.” ―Arnold Glasow–  

  1. What does it mean to take an action or execute?
    1. To move forward
    2. To physically do something related to a thought
    3. To do something that changes the status, condition and current flow forever
    4. To change your life, history, future even on the micro level
    5. To do something that takes from one point to another
    6. To create a new space, condition, circumstances even on the micro level

Taking action is what differentiates winner from the rest

  1. Why don’t most people take action?
    1. Fear of failure
    2. Fear of embarrassment
    3. Don’t know where they are or where they want to go
    4. Lack of confidence
    5. Used to taking the back seat by training, not by nature
  1. How does it shape your game of life?
    1. It trains you to take leaps and change your circumstances
    2. It brings the real possibilities into your doorsteps
    3. It makes the impossible possible
    4. It kills procrastination
    5. It puts you on the map of your success journey
    6. It changes everything for the better no matter what anyone says
  1. How to start taking action?
    1. Through your belief system, your thoughts, your emotions, your physical state, your space of engagement, and through the people around you
    2. You master where you are
    3. You clarify where you want to be, no joke
    4. You plan based on what you know best right now
    5. Take the first step today, right now, No delays

For today let me leave you with this baby exercise:

  1. When was the last time you pursued something to find yourself sit back and watch the days pass without starting it?
  2. Go back and focus on what you think stopped you back then. Write down everything that comes to mind
  3. If you had the power today to do it differently, what would you change to get the outcome you intended initially?
  4. What is that you wanted to accomplish this week. Pick a simple task
  5. Write down 3 things you can to achieve that outcome
  6. Pick the easiest
  7. Do it today, now
  8. If you don’t, take your time and write down your explanation of why you didn’t. most likely it is what’s been stopping every time.

“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.” ―Lewis Cass