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The human race has risen and fallen, living to rise another day multitudinous times throughout the history of the planet. The human race is a resilient people.

How tenacious you are appears when challenges and disappointments confront you. Do you give up when you feel let down? Or do you muster every ounce of courage to go for another day of living life more successfully?

Challenges are a part of life. When you feel you can’t take another minute of what’s confounding you, it’s natural to want to give up and raise the white flag.

As much as you want your life to be easy, the reality of this being so isn’t the case. However, managing your challenges by escaping the tough days on a continuous basis won’t make the bad feelings disappear.

Soledad O’Brien says she’s learned that “fear limits you and your vision. It serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. The journey is valuable–but believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter path.

“Transforming fear into freedom . . . how great is that?”

  • Find something that will feed your spirit. Perhaps a good book that provides workable answers to the problems you’re facing will be helpful.
  • Starting each day with an affirmation, morning prayer, or meditation has the power to breathe new life and perspective into how you solve what’s troubling you.
  • Choose an organization or an outlet to volunteer your time to support others who are less fortunate.

I’ve found that one of the healthiest steps to improve my outlook is to write down what I’m feeling. It’s cleansing to release the thoughts that are weighing heavily on my mind.

It’s like throwing out the trash. Writing can make a positive difference and it’s powerful enough to change your mindset.

Writing helps to unload the fear you carry. It reinstates a purpose to value yourself and it allows you to get back on track.

Geoff Johns says

“I think every writer doubts themselves, every day. You procrastinate because you’re afraid. You’re always afraid it’s not going to be as good as you want it to be. But, the key is overcoming fear.”

Fear’s what makes you human. Using your fear to stop what’s blocking you begins with a leap of faith and the belief that all will work out and be okay.

  • Choose to stay calm. Panicking will only set you back further. Take a deep breath when something goes wrong. Then, prepare yourself to tackle the challenge head-on.
  • Learn from it. Not everything we do in life turns out successfully. Instead of blaming yourself for failing, learn something from the experience.
  • Focus on what’s positive about you. Instead of rallying around what you did wrong and choosing to think the future’s bleak, concentrate on looking for the opportunity that’s yet to unfold.

Here’s this weeks’ invitation: Have you had a setback that has affected you and your writing? Life will always provide ups and downs. Remember, it’s your decision to choose what’s next.

Start with some goals that get you moving in the right direction and let me know how you handle challenges and setbacks in your writing. Send me your reflections to [email protected] or leave your comments below.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Klok,