Stop squandering your energy. Now.

Okay, the truth is, I started with the negative to get your attention. Now let’s talk about conserving, containing, and consciously creating what you want most using your precious energy. And I don’t mean with long-lasting light bulbs or by powering down your electronics at night. I mean by making the best use of your most precious commodity: your life force. Right?

Track Your Flow

I say one powerful way to begin is to actually log your energy usage for a day, in four sections:

  1. Important (in service to your goals)
  2. Fun
  3. Unimportant
  4. Counter-Productive

First, in this moment, what do you think you will see? Now try it out. Check your predictions after 24 hours. Even this simple action will begin to change the game.

What do you see? Where does your usage spike? Which times of day or night are you genuinely productive in the ways that matter most to the wisest, clearest, most goal-oriented part of you?

Next step, expand the game. Track your usage for a week.

Which days of the week are you genuinely playing the grand game of your life in the way you want to — if at all — at the moment? And what about plenty of fun in the mix, without being either “all work and no play” or all play and no work toward what you want most?

Balanced energy-usage is key. In what ways do the power combo of your inner life and your outer lifestyle support the you who you most want to be?

You’ve Gotta Spend Some, But On What?

Yes. You do want to stop squandering energy, and there’s another possibility: are you an energy miser? Not naturally wired for focused output? Or the opposite, with your fuel gauge perpetually on empty?

The bottom line: do you really want what you say you want in life? If so, is that where you’re consistently spending your precious life force and your invaluable time?

Audit Season

If not, my dears, it’s time to drill down even deeper and do an all-out energy audit. Take the time, real time, to take stock of your routines. Use a 30-day plan. Tweak or totally overhaul your habits as needed. Clear the way for your amazing life.

I won’t sugarcoat it; this is work.

So, just like you would if you’re truly serious when new to the gym, get yourself a trainer, in this case, a coach. I repeat: get coached in this energy audit that will open you up to what matters so much to you.

Engage, over time, in getting new habits under your belt, one successful experience at a time. And be sure you take the time to congratulate yourself on every interim accomplishment!

In the process, know that we humans bump up against all kinds of reasons why not to do whatever it is we say we want to. It isn’t only you, so try not to take it personally. Just reflect as needed, re-group, and forge ahead. This is why coaching matters. We humans do what we humans do, and iPEC’s certified professional coaches are trained to make the difference that blows the lid off what’s possible with your high-level energy usage.

The Saboteur In Us

And on the subject of what humans do, here’s a question for the ages:

What does any one “voice”—some part of you—say just before it derails whatever solid plan was in place?

Assuming, of course, you’re connecting your daily actions to what you really want. If not, well, there’s a whole other bucket of wonderful, life-changing work:

Reflect. Make changes. Get coached. Repeat. It’s a process. Be in it.

Role-Play Between You And… You!

Assuming the greater part of you’s going after what you want, and you’ve identified that saboteur voice, where does this rebel without a cause in you that wreaks energy havoc come from? Get creative and find out. Have a dialogue with it.

What does it really want, or need, if you get underneath the ineffective, undermining, or even protective actions—or non-actions—that it’s busy selling? If it’s protective, let it know you don’t need it, though you once may have, and say thanks for caring — and mean it. This is actually a beautiful way to live. If it’s something else, consider that underneath whatever that “inner voice” is, a protective mechanism may, in fact, be the real solution… or, what I call the “stop the process” whisperer. Again, get coached on this. You deserve it.

Exercise, Not Emergency

And by the way, crisis or hurry-up mode’s just as useless as expending energy on all the wrong stuff. Pacing. Is. Key. The little engine that could meets slow and steady wins the race. Yes. Take a breath. Be happy! Remember, the journey really is the destination.

Try engaging in daily energetic workouts, in which you’re focused and present, with just the right amount of weight, repetitions, and burn. Very importantly, again and always, credit yourself where credit’s due. You’ll get better and better at this the more you stop squandering your energy and instead consciously use—and further develop—your energy awareness muscle.

Let’s Get To It

Now, in what ways can this little tutorial begin impacting your beautiful life? Try it, reach out to let me know how your anti-squandering campaign’s going, and let’s get you some coaching to take your energy usage to the next level.

Exciting! Can you feel the energy shift already?