Photo Credit: Amy Shamblen, First things first: note that we’ll “speak” these beautiful resolutions as if they already exist in us. In our lives. (New Year’s affirmations, anyone?) Because massive creative power resides in that tweak. Now, stay with me. See if any of these beauties sound like you:

1. I’m smiling a lot this year.

Because it’s iron-clad truth, my dears: Smiling is straight-up contagious. Even the “fake it ‘til you make it” kind. And the following resolutions will help you feel it.

2. I’m right here this year, in the precious present.

Yep, there’s radical power here, too. Especially to decrease worry and regret. Just keep coming back to now. It’s Big Medicine. Pass it on.

3. I trust my slow growth.

What?! No overnight transformations? No lightning-strike realizations that jack our vibe for all time? The truth is, sudden flash-of-light insights that change everything forever aren’t where it’s at. If that sounds like bad news, consider the good: we develop as we work at what matters to us week by week, season by season. And here’s the magnificent news: A moment comes when we just step over a finish line or do a day’s work to arrive at what was once an it-would-take-a-miracle milestone. Like slow cooking, slow growth’s a steady simmer toward delicious results.

4. I spend real time on my big life goals.

Whether an hour a day for guitar, a monthly volunteer commitment to a great cause, nightly quality time with your child, or your number one daily goal accomplished before noon due to your disciplined approach to potential distractions, speak your intention to make what matters most to you a real priority. Then just walk what you’re talkin’. What’s more, here’s the kicker: if you already know that ain’t happenin’, reflect on why. Maybe a particular goal isn’t important to you? Consider surrendering it as New Year’s liberation, opening yourself to fresh new goals. On the other hand, if it is important and you never get to it, there’s more to reflect on, right? Like maybe changing your life.

5. I’m changing my life.

The truth is, our species has never been here before–here in the 3rd Millennium–where our lives can be exquisitely meaningful journeys of discovery and growth. If your daily round isn’t satisfying, set about ch-ch-ch-changing it. And with now as the time, what are the first steps for you? Get curious. Imagine that. Take whatever energizes you very seriously. Where does your energy want to go? And in asking that question, expect all kinds of internal voices to weigh in. So, next, get yourself a coach–expert support in your corner. Change is our cup of tea, and we know how to support you in it. As veteran coach Steve Chandler says,
“Change scares people, even though it’s only, always the best thing.”

6. When worthwhile organizations ask me for help, my habit is yes.

Because the mojo is in the yes, not the details. We humans have critical 21st Century work to do, and there are passionate people and institutions on the job. Help in ways that you can. In ways that feel like you (and only in those ways). The energy your authentic response generates is amazing. It’s win-win-win-win-win.

7. I ask for help when I need it, effectively.

First, think about this: you know your strengths–what you’ve got covered, and you know your areas for growth–what you’re working on. You know your needs. Get ‘em met. What kind of help do you need and deserve? How do you go about getting to yes? Consider this a grand New Year experiment in self-care-meets-personal-effectiveness.

8. I’m all about relationships.

Really, it’s all about relationships, right? Take time to nurture yours. Relish knowing and being known by beloved others. And cultivate new relationships as mysterious pleasures to explore as these beautiful resolutions help you create your most amazing year yet.

9. I’m journaling my way to what I want most.

Now stay with me on this, because I mean journaling as a power move. A daily ritual that can muscle up our inner lives as big-time energy reservoirs for the pursuit of our outer goals. There was a time I could journal for hours, captivated by all that stream-of-consciousness content. These days I’m more results-driven. In my current approach, I list three things I’m so grateful for. Boom, boom, boom. Then today’s three main goals: number one, number two, number three. The next day I can see how the second part went! Goals get checked off or . . . not. The unchecked goal—that phone call across multiple time zones or the first draft that feels like a big-time energy bite—gets carried over. The daily journal becomes a natural forum for reflecting on any goal that just ain’t happenin’. Is it a “should”? Does it, in fact, matter? Maybe your journal’s the place to answer that. Or the treadmill, or downward dog. Your commute. In any case, your journal becomes a daily energy shot as you get present to what you’re grateful for, and a power-producing, meet-your-goals check-in as you create what you want most. Oh, and is that regularly unchecked goal, in fact, important to you? Then head back to number five, “I’m changing my life.” Speak what you want. Dream it. Risk it. Be it.

10. Extraordinary self-care is my superpower.

Seriously. Do you take amazing care of your car? Your kids? Your pet? Clients? Employees? Records? Laundry? Make whatever you handle tenderly your model for extraordinary self-care this year. Everything you want most starts here. So, this resolution serves everyone you want to make a difference to. Everything that matters to you. And if there’s currently a harshness to your self-care habits, or lack thereof, own it. Work right there toward everything else. Did you just take a deep, relaxing breath? Ahhhh. Yes. Now, which beautiful resolutions above speak to you? Speak all that. Live it. And keep your coach posted. If you don’t have one, get one! xo, Teresa
Photo Credit: Amy Shamblen,