Author, speaker, professional singer and certified life coach specializing in resiliency, Nancy Jo Nelson was born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and completed my BA in Applied Behavioral Sciences from National Louis University in 2012 after becoming a solo mom in 2009. Growing up in an alcoholic home and then marrying into another alcoholic family offered real-life education in the world of addiction.

Certification in coaching was the natural next step for her to help women everywhere as well as herself. After more than 350 hours of training, she was certified in 2014 through IPEC. It was there that she knew she had to write my story. “Lessons from the Ledge” is available on Amazon and she knows there is a message in her mess. She is passionate about being real and fearless especially about the challenges we face as solo moms. It has been a privilege to write for ESME and now to be a bigger part of this amazing and vital tribe. As we lean on each other, we strengthen each other. We are not alone.


Nancy explains the interesting circumstances surrounding her life and divorce, and how it fueled her book and formed the material that went into its pages. She talks about how surreal it all has been, and how she’s been able to turn it into a good thing.

She talks about the energy people spend keeping up appearances, and how some people need validation from others to feel good. She also talks about how liberating it is when these things are no longer required.

She talks about the strange coincidences that occurred during the writing the book, including one that involved the date of submission to the publisher.

Nancy ends the discussion by talking about matters of the heart, and how important it is to be heart-centered and compassionate in all that you do.


“No one wants to talk about grief, but it’s part of our being human”

“You have to be able to find the irony in some of it, and yes laughter is a release”

“We only show people what we want them to see.”

“Trust your gut. You are the expert of you”

“We all have our stories and that’s what makes us beautiful and unique”



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