In this Season Finale episode of Reignite Your Light, Podcast Producer Scott Doucet flips the script on Stacie and asks her questions about her first season.

Stacie describes getting started with the show, and the rollercoaster it was initially, before finding her stride. Scott also describes his first encounter with podcasting and relates it to the experiences that Stacie is having with her show and her change in direction.

She explains why podcasting was the perfect fit for her brand, as opposed to a blog or YouTube channel, and backs it up with reasons that make perfect sense for her message.

Stacie shares some of the moments that were a little redundant, or areas that lacked excitement for her during the podcasting process. She also explains why she’s taking on the new topics, and who she’s looking to get onto the new show.

Scott asks Stacie about the name, and topics being addressed in the new show, as well as what kinds of guests Stacie will be looking for in the first season.


“It was the perfect medium for me just to be me”

“Video lives forever”

“When you pull the video out, it makes it easier to find your voice”

“I’m setting up an empire, and every day I think ‘Man, you suck'”

“Communication is the basis of human existence”

“So many podcasters right now are hiding behind guests”

“Our opinions are an exact reflection of what we’ve lived through”