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Doing what? And when?

You’re no doubt busy. Modern life’s action-packed. But let’s face it, there’s “busy” doing, well, not much. Are your most important goals and projects front and center on your to-do list? Ready to get busy doing what matters most to you?

The fact is, there’s “busy” jumping through hoops that mean little to you. There’s “busy” putting out fires because emergency mode is such familiar territory.

Then there’s the real deal, brick-and-trowel stuff. The busy-ness of working away incrementally at your own most dearly held plans, dreams, and goals. Building the life that you want. Right? That’s a very different scenario. Over time, it creates a very different life.

Because remember, you can’t just think and dream your way to what you want most. As in, someday there will (magically) be time. Next week, next weekend, next month. Next year. Gotta act. Move forward. Get real! Get busy. Down to the doing.

What Coaches Know

If there are big differences between your most important goals and this week’s to-do list, take a little time to ask yourself—and the people who are in your corner—what’s really up with that?

And FYI, this is very familiar territory for professional coaches. Because it’s, oh, so human to delay what matters, to wait for some someday just over the horizon, around this or that corner. In contrast, coaching gets you to the core of the matter of what matters most to you. Coaching interrupts old patterns as needed. It supports you in creating new ones that serve your goals.

Once you’re clear what those discrepancies between your real goals and all the other stuff are about, you can get busy–the best kind of busy–creating new patterns. Whatever they are for you. You can gather and then invest your own good energy in accomplishing what will satisfy you.

With All the Time in the World

By the way, don’t let the mythic 21-day approach to forming new habits stress you out or get you down. In fact, research tells us that the best ways to create productive new habits vary widely depending on a lot of factors. Whatever inspires you is the right approach. Your willingness to trust your own process, to risk in healthy ways, to let go of the known, all matter more than the time it takes.

I say it over and over as a coach: the journey really is the destination. Ultimately, the point is your committed approach to the forward movement you want. Once you’re regularly acting on what matters to you, it’s all good.

After all, what’s the old adage about how to eat an elephant?






And if the most important stuff starts making the list but still doesn’t get done, it’s time to take a look at that set of facts. Time to re-prioritize your life. Explore and encounter as needed whatever habitually blocks your flow. Get to it. And how about some expert support? Get busy getting yourself a coach!

You as Designer of Your Life

Because it’s up to you, the you who deserves to act on your hopes and dreams. You the designer, the artist, the bricklayer creating your own beautiful life, stroke by stroke. Brick by brick. Bite by bite. While getting all kinds of great results along the way. Because remember, it’s the journey.

So write it down, the good stuff that wants to happen. Step by step, on the top of your to-do list rather than on the bottom or in the margins. In BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS if that’s what it takes.

Then get busy doing what matters most to you. And reach out for help.


Photo Credit: Patrick Tomasso,