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Ah, leadership.

It may seem like a bit of a cliché these days, bandied about as the cure-all or missing piece in any and all situations. Or maybe it’s only applicable in those all-window corner offices in the commercials we see of executives in skyscrapers. But let’s get down into it. Because the fact is, these days we’re actually all leaders of our own individual “little bandwagons,” trekking across the frontiers of 21st century life.

We know that life is truly what we make of it these days. There are so many possibilities, and so few certainties. The old “company man for 40 years” game that our fathers or grandfathers played over the very long haul is, in fact, over. Our lives can and do change profoundly decade by decade, if not more often. Yes, we’d all be wise to consider ourselves leaders in our own game of life that we’re playing in collaboration—or at least in tandem—with others.


So, in your personal or professional life, are you a water-cooler prophet? The kind others want to hang out with and hear from? If so, are you busy inspiring them on a regular basis to be their best selves, toward what they want most, while modeling that in your own approach?

Are you the boss in the corner office, feeling isolated, stressed, unfulfilled, or missing work/life balance?

Are you routinely carrying out somebody else’s plays while quietly—or not so quietly—second-guessing the calls?

Or are you feeling powerless, dodging the personal or professional game that you most want to be in, including deeply satisfying relationships?

In any case, consider this: you are a leader. Dark energy, light energy, fire ’em up energy, change the world energy, get out of my face energy, this all sucks energy… you’re having an impact.


The great news is that a coaching tool called the Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment can rock your world in terms of personal and professional effectiveness and success. Developed by The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), the Energy Leadership Index, or “ELI”, is an online attitudinal assessment. Within its in-depth written report, you can see, reflect on, and address the quality of your “Energy Leadership”, both as you normally operate in daily life as well as when you’re under stress.

With this new comprehension of your own energetic tendencies, and a compelling, new awareness of the same in others, you’ll be ready to chart your course in a newly effective way — toward the results that you truly want and deserve. It’s an inspiring tool and conversation that paves the way for a powerful coaching relationship and phenomenal, sustainable results.

Yes, your effectiveness, your satisfaction, even your health—and that of others around you—are impacted big-time by the quality and kind of energy that you’re consciously (or unconsciously) leading with. Fascinating, right?

Find out firsthand how the Energy Leadership Index™ can blow the lid off of your current and potential leadership capabilities. Let’s get busy on your behalf! And yes…. You. Deserve.This.

Credit: The concepts inherent in this article are the author’s interpretation of materials issued by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).