Meet The Host, Jodi Flynn

Though a Psychology major in college, Jodi spent the early part of her career as an executive in mutual fund operations. Within that industry, she flourished in the areas of supervising, mentoring, project management, and team building.

It was also during this time that she discovered her personal mission – to listen for, bring out, and nurture other people’s Superpowers so they could use them to their advantage. Jodi knew she was meant to focus on helping others discover success and fulfillment in their careers and businesses.

In 2010, Jodi seized the opportunity to train as a Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

Today, as the Founder of the Women Taking the Lead podcast, she leads a thriving community of entrepreneurial minded women, and works with individuals and groups focusing on key areas of leadership development: mindset, confidence, self-leadership, communication, and relationship building.

From following her passion for a career that moved her away from family and friends to a new state, to running a marathon, and to starting a business by launching the Women Taking the Lead podcast, Jodi is a fan of taking on challenges and “walking her talk”.

Jodi admits she feels the same fear others do when “putting herself out there,” but knows that is the path to living full-out. Listen in as she also encourages YOU to overcome your fears and do the same.

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