‘The Gregory Nesmith Show’ – Let’s get personal about UNderdogStuff® in the news and the culture. The UNavoidable, The UNderrated, The UNjust, The UNbelievable, The UNinhibited and more. Shout out to UNderdogs, My People, and Curious Conservatives too.

Gregory Nesmith is an entrepreneur into on-air stuff, community stuff, and leadership stuff. Fighting for UNderdogs to rediscover how special we are in the world. Founder of UNderdogStuff® business consulting and leadership coaching company. Creator and host of ‘The Gregory Nesmith Show’. Gregory is on Twitter and Instagram. Website: www.GregoryNesmith.com. Email: [email protected].

Episode 103 – UNscripted Sunday Morning Thoughts
Episode 102 – GUEST APPEARANCE: Talking UNconventional UNderdogstuff on The Lounge on WURD 96.1 FM PHILLY
UNderdogStuff 101 — What’s Next For UNderdogStuff!?!”
UNderdogStuff 100 — How To Live To 100 (Literally and Figuratively)!?!
UNderdogStuff SPECIAL EPISODE — Vulnerability & Resetting Your Life
UnderdogStuff Spotlight — The Grit, The Hustle, And The Fun Of Tech Startup Life w/ Dustin O’Dell
UNderdogStuff Episode 99 — Starts, Stops, & Pivots! Part 2
UnderdogStuff Spotlight — An UnARThodox Approach To Entrepreneurship w/ Alvaro Montagna and Maria Kordova
UNderdogStuff 98 — 2019 Starts, Stops, & Pivots! Part 1″
UnderdogStuff UNLISTED — Warren vs. Sanders. Haddish vs. Katt. Apathy vs. Anger.
UnderdogStuff 97 — New House, New List, And New You
UnderdogStuff SPECIAL EPISODE — How To Pivot With Your Money, Job, and Side Hustle
UnderdogStuff Spotlight — 2019 Paths To Awakening And Predictions w/ Ekram Ibrahim
UnderdogStuff 96 — Awkward Moments, Straight A’s, And Paths To Awakening
UnderdogStuff Spotlight — How WOC Get A Seat At The Table w/ Minda Harts

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