Each week on the podcast, I’ll be interviewing the world’s top experts in attraction, dating, communication, sex, and relationships, as well as coaching real women LIVE, through their real life dating challenges… that are probably a lot like yours!

Coaching Layne: How to Know When to Cut Ties and Move On
Bachelorette Recap: With Chris Gillis — Data Dating Deep Dive: How You Can Magnetize a Guy Who is Your Equal in Record Time
With Jen Bruno: 10 Months to ‘I Do’ — The Process One Woman Followed to Go From Discouraged to Delighted
Bachelorette Recap With Man Panelist Chris Gillis — The Nice Guy: How to Attract Them, Date Them, and Be Attracted to Them to Get Out of Your Romantic Rut
With Michal Stawicki: How to Finally Motivate Yourself to Date
Bachelorette Recap with Chris Gillis & Doctor Emily: Is Your Fantasy Love Story Interfering with Your Real-Life Relationship?
Is it Love or Lust, PLUS, How to Tell if He’s a STRONG Alpha man or Just an Asshole? Welcome to the Season 16 Episode 3 Bachelorette Recap
Coaching Susan: Finding the Missing Piece — ‘Why I Can’t Ever Meet Quality Men’
With Marni: The #1 Thing Quality Men Can’t Resist
With Emyrald Sinclaire: Internal Triggers That Can Sabotage Your Dating Process
With Nicole Crane: How Setting Boundaries Can Be as Fun as Foreplay
With Anahita Joon: How to Find Your Feminine to Invite Pursuit
Coaching Jennifer: Is Your Dating Process Ruining Your Chances of Having an Amazing Relationship?
With Sophia Sundari: 3 Keys to Tap Into Your Inner Sex Goddess That Will Drive Men Crazy
With Amy Ogden: Take Action and Make the Moves to Find Your High Quality Guy

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