Planting the Seeds of Change™ , this is what Belinda does for a living as a coach. The idea of creating this show came from her experience as a Certified Executive Coach and Women Success Expert. Indeed, while she assistswomen, female leaders and international executives successfully, to enhance their performance in a wide range of areas including leadership, communication skills and organizational cultural transformation, she noticed the needs for alternative and/or additional resources to support personal and professional growth outside of the one on one coaching.

In her show, she explore transitions from a reassuring and empowering angle so listeners quit resisting or denying the only constant that exists in life: Change. Get inspired, take action and ease your personal and professional journey. The weekly episodes of Planting the Seeds Of Change provides education, coaching and priceless wisdom from selected experts who have embraced change as THE ultimate path to success and fulfillment.

PSC029 — Spitfire Seeds For Business Owners – Planting The Seeds Of Change
Lost Touch with Someone?
This is Your Holiday
Reminder to Reach Out
and Connect
PSC028 — Influence Without Using Authority
PSC027 — Letting Go Versus Quitting
PSC026 — True Grit
PSC025 — Being Successful By Using Humility
PSC024 — Worthiness
PSC023 — Success Lies Out Of Your Comfort Zone
PSC022 — Pause To Experience Appreciation
PSC021 — The Cost Of Inaction
PSC020 — How To Let Go Of Judgement
PSC019 — Attain Freedom By Practicing Excellence
PSC018 — [My Story] Leaving Corporate America
PSC017 — Magic Happens When You Overcome Your Fear
PSC016 — Emotion Mastery


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