Certified life and career coach, Marissa Burdett, crafts a weekly permission slip to challenge your mindset and decide what’s true, so you can step into who you are, unapologetically. Together, we’ll uncover fresh new perspectives and resources for your consideration to support you in your creative journey toward aligning who you are with what you do and how you do it.

The Permission to Pivot Podcast community was created to: have more meaningful conversations about the range of the creative human experience–from deep inner work to everyday interests; collect and share helpful resources, fun activities, and thoughtful exercises; form a community of both like-minded and refreshingly unique individuals; and encourage us all to keep on creating and sharing our creative work, even when the exhausting political and emotional climate around us tries to convince us otherwise.

My Word of Year for 2019 (and the words that supported me these past 3 years)
Ep. 16: My Word of Year for 2019 (and the words that supported me these past 3 years)
Ep. 15: Personal Creative Projects for Deep, Meaningful Exploration with Aaliah Elnasseh
Ep. 14: Making Small But Significant Shifts with Michelle Anthony LaCroix
Ep. 13: How I Quit My Job and Went Full-Time in My Coaching Business
Ep. 12 Season One Finale: Ask Me Anything
Ep. 11: Exploring the Coach/Client Relationship with Clara Mattucci
Ep. 10: Coaching: What is it Really?
Ep. 09: Chasing Your Own Adventure with Amanda Folk
Ep. 08: Staying Resilient During a Career Transition with Lauren McGoodwin
Ep. 07: Embracing More Woo Woo with Emily Levenson
Ep. 06: Finding Value in All Emotions
Ep. 05: Rewriting Your Identity with Douglas Humphries
Ep. 04: Taking the Leap with Michelle Anthony
Ep. 03: Intentionally Activating How You Want to Feel

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