You’re only one idea away from a whole, new reality. Hosted by Luke Iorio, President of iPEC Coaching.

Where do you want to go?  Who do you want to be?  What do you want to do?

One Idea Away is about bringing together two things:  

First, it’s helping you figure out what you may be just one idea away FROM — helping you to uncover and clarify the dream and desire that you have for life and for yourself. We all have a dream of some kind, and that dream is unique to who we are. Consider for a moment, what if you were just One Idea Away from creating that life you desire?

Which brings us to the second part of One Idea Away — it’s not just any idea. We have ideas all the time about how we can improve our lives and have more of what we want; and yet, very few people will say they have the life they desire. The One Idea Away podcast is about both defining what it is that we truly want AND then uncovering the One Idea that’s been missing that will make the dream a reality.


EP162 – Author, Teacher, and Storyteller, Matthew Dicks: Tell Your Story
The Riff on OIA: Negative Emotions – Minisode 04
EP161 – Positive Psychologist, Professor, and Author, Dr. Itai Ivtzan: Awareness is Freedom
EP160 – Professor, Author, and Modern-day Philosopher, Kieran Setiya: A Philosophical Guide to Midlife
The Riff on OIA: Transitions – Minisode 03
EP159 – Editor and Award-Winning Author, Jonathan Rauch: Riding Your Happiness Curve
EP158 – Author and Award-Winning Journalist, Celeste Headlee: How to Have Conversations That Matter
EP157 – World-Renowned Photographer, Coach, and Actress, Chenoa Maxwell: Ignite Possibility with Simple Shifts of Perspective
The Riff on OIA with Niurka Iam – Minisode 02
EP156 – Counselor, Coach, and Author, Corinne Zupko: How to Overcome Anxiety and Reconnect to Yourself
The Riff on OIA – Minisode 01
EP155 – Author and Emotional Eating Expert, Julie Simon: Overcome Overindulging
EP154 – Special Guest Expert Discussion: The Impact of Community on Your Well-Being
EP153 – Author and Leader of Facebook Groups, Jennifer Dulski: Be a Movement Starter
EP152 – Professor, Author, and Human Development Expert, Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky: Your Dimensions of Well-being


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