I met Lee on a Wellness Retreat a few months ago and we immediately connected on a soul level. She is very in tuned with her craft…intimacy. While our minds may automatically go to unbridled sex when we hear or see the word intimacy, that is the perception she corrects. Intimacy is a deeper personal awareness and emotional connection with self which allows you to connect with another. We definitely will dive deeper into this and so much more during our conversation.


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Lee Noto is a Intimacy Coach & Sensuality Specialist. She works with individuals who want to want to create and deepen their relationships, feel safe in opening their hearts, expand on their emotional and intimate intelligence, and have more emotionally-connected sex. She specializes in guiding women to radical self-expression and sexual freedom. She coaches clients one-on-one, leads workshops and talks, and shares regular content on social media and her blog. Lee incorporates aspects of Eastern and Western modalities, such as: neuroscience, psychology, Tantric philosophy, various meditative practices, Reiki, and more. She has studied with teachers across the U.S. and India on subjects including conscious & sacred sexuality, meditation, breath work, and transformational coaching. Her unique approach allows her to create a safe space for clients to explore intimacy in a profound way. In her spare time, Lee enjoys cooking, being outside, staying physically active, and spending time with loved ones. You can find her singing and dancing while waiting for the train or smiling at passers by. She has a true joy for life and is becoming more joy-filled each day. Learn more about Lee and the work she does by visiting