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It’s a new year and a new opportunity for positive change in your life.

Do you appreciate who you are, the joy that your time on Earth brings, and notice the simple things in life that convey happiness?

Sometimes, when things aren’t going well, you may find it challenging to recognize the simple things that normally fulfill you with joy.

There’s no man, woman, or child who’s perfect. And there will be days where you’ll experience feelings that create questions causing confusion or doubt about your present self.

Celebrate your life as often as possible by treasuring the moments you’ve been given. For each moment’s truly a gift.

You’ve been given certain talents that are meant to be shared with others.

As a writer, you contribute many stories to your readers, along with teachable moments that bring value to them.

How to generate positive and worthwhile thoughts

Start your day by giving yourself an extra 15 minutes to reflect on the healing victories you’ve experienced in the past. Often your doubts or misgivings about the upcoming events of the day can cause unnecessary tension, putting you in a space that wastes energy that can otherwise be of benefit to you.

Have you noticed that the victories you experience from the past and in the present aren’t always large ones? Often the victories you achieve are small ones that add up to the excellence of who you are!

Clearing out the clutter

The beginnings of a New Year give you the opportunity to make changes that can improve your daily productivity.

  • The attitude you carry affects your mindset and how you deliver what you set out to do each day.
  • Clearing the clutter in the middle of winter gives you a dose of how good it feels with the end result of spring cleaning.
  • Having a space that’s well-organized sets you up for a successful run to complete a writing project in record time.

Start small

After the holidays, the hardest part of moving forward into the New Year is taking down decorations. Yesterday, the lights on the house came down and I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have this project finished.

Anytime I work and accomplish a goal and manage to check it off of my “to do” list, the good feelings that come over me are outstanding!

  • Set your goals so they can be accomplished in steps. You’re in charge of when and how quickly your writing projects are achieved.
  • Give yourself the opportunity to embrace the lightness and joy of your existence.

Finding joy in a sunset or a sunrise, listening to the ocean waves as they crash upon the shoreline, or taking in the fresh smell of the air following a rainstorm rejuvenates the magic of expressing yourself through writing.

Life’s such a precious gift that, when embraced with a positive heart, the universe is yours!

Today’s writing invitation: Take time this week to find the joy in the little things in life. You’ll be surprised how this action will impact your writing inspiration in a big way!

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Photo Credit: Jason Leung,