“Fear of your feelings is a distraction from doing the work of the soul. “ – Leah Guy

How many times have you seen that romantic comedy about the lead protagonist who runs from their emotions until the very end when they confess their heart’s desires and their happy life begins? All too often we do everything in our power to distract and ignore our real emotions. It seems easier to shove them in a drawer and pretend they don’t exist rather than to actually feel them. Listen up as Leah Guy, intuitive transpersonal healer and spiritual teacher shares why courageously feeling your emotions is the most fearless path you could ever take.

Leah offers wisdom from a lifetime of personal triumphs and has more than 22 years of helping clients transform their lives from fear and disconnection to heart-centered, soulful living. She’s a sought after, inspirational speaker who’s appeared on numerous television and radio shows on topics such as meditation, the mind-body connection, energy, intuition, and addiction, as well as emotional and spiritual healing. Leah owns the Modern Sage Healing Center and product line and A Girl Named Guy Productions. She’s also the author of The Fearless Path, A Radical Awakening To Emotional Healing And Inner Peace.

Identifying and healing the physical and emotional symptoms developed from past experiences is easier than you think. Here’s to your emotional health!

Key Takeaways:

Your fearless path. Being fearless doesn’t mean you’re never going to experience fear. It simply means that you have the courage to show up in your life. You up for it? Get ready for the challenge by FIRST acknowledging your emotional health– start here…[2:30].

Your emotional disorder. Are you living anxiously? Having trouble sleeping? Hair’s falling out? Hard time focusing? These are symptoms of small, normal life catastrophes that affect us deeply. The good news is there’s a cure! Start the healing process by learning THIS key method…[5:13].

Your internal translator. Leah states that when we’re distracted, when we’re addicted, when we ignore or are detached, we’re not living our purpose. We lose our connection to our soul. Let’s change that. THIS is the first step to recognizing the work of your soul…[16:55].

Your next workout regime. Just like your body, your mind and emotions need exercise. They need focus and attention every now and then to free any blocked energy. And lucky for you, even two minutes can do the trick. Give THESE emotional workouts a try to get you going…[24:22].

Tune in and turn the volume up for a dose of inspiration and life lessons. That’s how we Live Lead and Play!