Have you ever felt stuck in your own head? Perhaps you’ve had questions come up such as, “How does this affect me?” and “What does this mean to me?”

When we are feeling dissatisfied or stuck in our lives, the need to dissect and understand exactly what is happening and how we got to that point can be a common feeling. For some, the thought pattern emerges that by understanding how we got to our current state we can avoid future pain by doing things differently or “better” in the future.

This quest for understanding can take us many places in our lives. But what happens when the answers to our questions are multi-faceted and non-linear? Many factors can influence how we see ourselves: our current state of consciousness, our worldview, how adaptable we are able to evolve. Many questions have more than one “right” answer.

In this week’s Meaningful Moment, Luke shares a technique that he uses personally and with coaching clients to help shift the focus away from finding an answer for feeling stuck, and embracing what we really want by giving it to others.