This week on the One Idea Away podcast we sat down with Krista Suh, the founder of the Pussyhat Project, a social movement focused on advancing human rights and women’s equality through open dialogue, activism, and art.

Now you may recognize the early brainchild of the Pussyhat Project as pink pussyhats flooded the streets across the world during the 2017 and 2018 Women’s March. This little hat and the wave of support that followed the movement was sparked by Krista’s passion for advocacy and of all things . . . knitting.

So, for this week’s Momentum Builder, we’re going to keep things a little more light-hearted than usual and try to see if we can’t uncover purpose and passion in life’s little pleasures.

Think of a craft or task that your inner child would love to do. Preferably, something that requires your hands and creates something tangible. Build a kite? Bake a cake? Pick up a pencil and start drawing?  

Whatever it is, make an appointment with your inner child (put time on the calendar). Gather the supplies, turn off your devices, and do the thing. After you are done, take a picture of what you have made, and then share the item with someone else. You can give the kite to kids in the park. Take the cake to a senior center. Gift your sketch to a friend who needs some love.

(And share the picture with the One Idea Away Community!)

Then ask yourself:

  1. How did it feel to solely focus on creating one thing and then give it away?
  2. How did your inner child feel completing this task?
  3. What other ways can you express yourself and share your gifts with others?
  4. What deeper feeling, sense of purpose or contribution, or natural gift does this tap into for you?

The search for meaning can have many twists and turns, especially in today’s social and political climate. Sometimes the best medicine we can give to ourselves and others is to take a step back, slow down, and enjoy the simple gifts that brought us joy as children. In these quiet moments of peaceful work and generosity, we often find the space and inspiration we need to spark the next brilliant fire in our own hearts and lives.