We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.

Carlos Castenada

The Choice Is Yours

This is possibly the most empowering idea of all – that the choice is up to you. This may be a radical new idea, or you may have heard it and didn’t know quite what to do with it. The thought of changing things that seem outside of your control may be too much if you haven’t looked at your life from this perspective before.

It may not have occurred to you that you are actively participating in the conditions that are making you miserable. So often it seems as though those things are ‘happening to’ you. The truth is, it takes effort to ignore, avoid, or contradict those inner messages that quietly tell you what you can choose to do differently in order to make your life more fulfilling. That same amount of effort can be redirected toward choices that bring confidence, gratitude, and energy to our lives.

The Nature of Strength

There is a growing strength in women, but it’s in the forehead, not the forearm.

Beverly Sills

Developing strength can be a physical act, but even more importantly, it is mental and emotional. This type of strength can be built in small steps using tools that are readily available. A new book, an online support group, or a meditation practice can be accessed easily. It is important to recognize the value of taking bite-sized actions and to give yourself acknowledgement for taking them.