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Making money joyfully, with ease and purpose, is one of my main goals in my life.

I don’t believe we’re put here on this earth to struggle–whether that’s around money or something else–any struggle that comes up in our lives is considered a “bat signal” guiding you back to your truth. That’s how I view struggle.

This week I’d like to take you through a process that’ll bring some more peace to your money situation. If you find yourself struggling with money, you must first find the place within you that you can create some level of peace in . . . so you can move forward from a place of resourcefulness and ease.

For this to happen, we must go to the body. Our body’s a tremendous vehicle for change. The sensations we feel in our body–our energetic resonance–is all a portal to accessing more peace within ourselves and reflected back to us within our different relationships (including our relationship with money).

So, to start this process, you may want to read through the whole thing and then close your eyes and go through it as closely as you recall from your reading it.

There’s no right or wrong, it truly is all about how you feel. Accepting the present moment for what it is is the key to creating more abundance in your life.

If you aren’t accepting what is–and spiritually bypassing it through meditation, affirmations, money mantras, positive thinking–you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to really transform your relationship with money, not just incrementally change it . . . and that starts with acceptance.

The Peace Process

Get comfortable in your seat. Close your eyes and notice your breath. Fast or slow? Deep or shallow? Without any effort, start to deepen your breath and feel the expansion of the whole-body breathing.

Now bring to the front of your awareness a situation around money that feels uncomfortable, uncertain, or overwhelming when you bring it to your mind’s eye. Start to feel the energetic shifts in your body as you bring that situation to your awareness.

Now drop any story attached to that situation–dropping any why’s, how’s, and who’s involved around that situation–and just be with the sensations of the body.

You may notice a sensation in one part of the body. Be with that feeling rising up in you. Breathe with it–not to make it go away–but to truly acknowledge it. Observe it. Letting it be fully felt with the intention of staying present with it.

Remain here for three more minutes.

If you feel any resistance coming up with not wanting to feel this emotion, just come back to the curiosity of the moment, using your breath as the anchor. Create a sense of staying open.

After three or so minutes, take a few deep breaths to complete. Express gratitude to yourself for allowing what is to be, without pushing it away. This is huge, for in order to create what we want, we must be at peace with what is.

Take time to journal anything that has come up for you, any shifts, or any new insights. As you move through your week, take time to keep allowing the sensations of a situation you’re in a struggle with so it can be fully integrated . . . and with that, it can automatically create peace in that situation.

I’m always open to hearing your insights about money. Feel free to email me directly at [email protected] to get access to more resources in my world that open up quantum leaps in your finances.

Until next time, much love and abundance in all its forms.

Photo Credit: Frankie Cordoba,