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Recently, I combined a number of technologies together to create a single experience for my business. I was pretty pissed off during this process. Things weren’t linking together, weren’t embedding properly or rendering properly. Plus, I spent a lot of effort to finish the task (all the while knowing that it’s temporary and will likely change again soon). When it comes to tech, by the way, I’m far from a novice.

It wasn’t effortless. It was EFFORT and loads of it.

Yet, I tell people that I help them lead a more balanced and effortless life. So, what right do I have to make such a claim after having THAT experience?

Well, that’s an interesting question. Let’s take a look at the notion of EFFORT.

As I wrote last week, we explored the natures of BELIEF and PROOF. And several people came back saying, “True! Belief is more powerful than proof.”

I pause here to say, Thank you so much for your feedback, folks! (Okay. Back to the article…)

The nature of EFFORT is very similar to the energy of BELIEF. As such, I believe that many of us view effort as similar to struggle or suffering.

Would you agree?

If so, then…


You might think, “Great. How the heck do I struggle or suffer less?”

I propose that it depends ENTIRELY on your perspective. When we struggle, suffer, or put in a ton of effort to get something done (even something “simple”) it’s our PERSPECTIVE that dictates the amount of struggle.

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW. I’ve got a little experiment for you.

First of all, PLEASE be careful with this next part and don’t do anything you feel uncomfortable doing . . .

Go and find something somewhat heavy—like a hand weight, a big book, or something—don’t touch it yet, just find it.

Look at that object and label it in your mind as REALLY HEAVY. Now, tense all your muscles as if you were stressed from head to toe. CAREFULLY pick up that object. Hold it and gently set it back down.

NOW, change your perspective. Tell yourself that the object is light. And tell yourself that you are strong and powerful with truth and conviction. Now, RELAX every muscle in your body—completely from head to toe. Pick up the object again. Hold it and gently set it back down.

Which approach felt more effortless? Why?

Remember, the object stayed the same. Only YOU changed.

What would happen if you viewed ANY task as light, easy, and fun with relaxed muscles and mind?

That question reminds me . . . I’ll give you a little clue into how I write these articles. I view writing as light, easy, and fun. I light a candle, put on soothing music, relax, and let my fingers fly. It’s an EFFORTLESS experience for me.

And YOU can experience ANY interaction with life as effortless IF you set your perspective in a way that supports YOU. And when you do shift, you’ll AMAZE yourself by doing things you thought weren’t possible (or were “too hard”), and you will INSPIRE OTHERS who see your deeds and want some of that light, fun, relaxed energy.

Crossing the TEA’s

Let’s go above and below these Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions:

Going Below the TEA:

  • Thought: I can’t do X. I’m not strong enough to do Y. Doing Z is really hard.
  • Emotion: Lethargy, apathy, anger, guilt, doubt, fear
  • Action: Typically, we avoid the task altogether, or if we DO do it, then we drop our shoulders and blast our way through (hopefully we make it, but we’ll have some bumps and bruises either way).

Going Above the TEA:

  • Thought: I create light, fun, and relaxed experiences.
  • Emotion: Peace, mostly
  • Action: Take time to prime my mental state and environment to influence a lighter, more fun, and more relaxed experience.
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