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Why do we feel the need to skip over the emotion of “angry?”

Maybe so we’re considered friendly, nice, or sane, even?

I often tell my clients when I sense they’re holding back from getting angry at a particular situation around money, “I welcome the totality of the human experience here” so let it rip–and guess what?

They let it rip and move up the emotional scale. They feel better. They get present and feel like they move past it and create spaciousness for all the good stuff to come in: love, abundance, ideas, possibilities, AND money.

We’re blessed with having access to all emotions–ALL OF THEM–whether you like it or not. And we suppress some of the emotions, selectively, in order to appear “nice,” or “civil,” or “(fill in the blank).” Right?

Anger can be a healthy emotion which can release energy, and propel us into motion if it’s used in a healthy way. Therefore, it can be the passageway to taking responsibility for our actions and creating change in our finances.

How the heck do we manage Anger when we’re “in” it?

Simple: Get present and look at the anger from a detached place–as the witness–and get curious.

  • What’s the pain behind this?
  • Anger, what do you want?

Even though you may not know the positive intention of this emotion, you can start by thanking Anger for being here–and because it’s a part of you–you can trust that it has a positive intention for you.

What are you pissed off about when it comes to your financial picture?

What do you want from your money that anger’s arising in you?

List everything you can think of and release anger around your finances once and for all.

When you release anger, you naturally move up the emotional scale where all things are created: more choices, more money, more financial peace of mind. And you may even get to the root of your financial issues and uncover the solution. Anger can bring a lot of clarity.

Here are some healthy ways to release anger:

  • Writing/journaling
  • Write a letter to the person/situation/thing you’re pissed off at
  • Perform a release ceremony
  • Scream (in the car, at a concert, in a pillow)
  • Hit things (like a drum, boxing bag, throw a tantrum)

Everything is energy–including anger–and it needs a place to go. So give it a place to go and watch it melt away.

You may notice yourself lighten up and move on in a positive direction. You also, in some instances, may be overcome by sadness. Allow yourself to feel your way through it and surrender (in a good way) to your emotion.

It’s all okay. I got you. The universe has got you.

Every emotion is valuable . . . some just feel better than others. I hope after reading this, anger around what’s happened with money in your life feels a little bit better for you–because now you know it always has a positive intention for you.

Everything changes when you start making decisions from an abundance mindset and releasing anger in a healthy way will raise your abundance limit.

Until next time, much love and abundance in all its forms.

Photo Credit: Guillaume de Germain,