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Bonus Episode 79.1 “IMPROMPTU CONVERSATION w/ ASHA DAVIS. WHAT ARE YOU MOST NERVOUS AND MOST EXCITED ABOUT THIS SUMMER?” The talented Asha Davis (Advertising Executive, Writer, Comedian, and original member of The Gregory Nesmith Show team) stops by. She shares her thoughts on the two questions: 1. What are you most nervous about this summer? 2. What are you most excited about this summer? Please share your answers on Twitter (@GregoryNesmith) and I’ll share your comments on the next episode. And follow Asha Davis on Instagram at @AshaDestiny. Plus Underdogs live online comments and phone calls throughout the show. This episode is part of the full episode #79 that is already posted in your podcast stream. The Gregory Nesmith Show – Special Delivery of UNderdogStuff®. Exploring how we get our swagger back in business and in life. Let’s get personal about the news and the culture. Hosted by Gregory Nesmith. More episodes, articles, and info at